Sunday, August 07, 2016

lucy's room update

This summer we've been in organization and clean up mode and one of the most important spaces on our list was Lucy's room. At only 100 square feet, the space is pretty limited in how we can configure things. And as she has gotten older, we've accumulated a lot of stuff that she has now grown out of so it was time to update and organize!

The first thing I did was paint the wall. As my long time readers know, I never want to feel like my home is "too precious" to take risks and try something unique, creative or even weird. While I love home decor shows, magazine and blogs- I also think it is easy to fall into trendy, safe and practical thinking when it comes to your house. I am not safe nor am I practical and I tackle most DIY projects like an artist. I love color, pattern and I believe that paint is one of the most affordable and easy ways to transform just about anything in your home into art!
Over a year ago Lucy asked for a painting of Paris on her wall (you can see it HERE) and when it came time to change her room, she was excited to have a new mural on the wall. After lots of brainstorming together she asked for a butterfly garden! So I got busy making it happen! 

I started by painting a fast coat of white primer over the top of the old mural. Once that white paint was dry, I added color. Then I began painting the designs. Here is a little peek into the beginning of this process.

I like to "draw" my designs with bold black lines- I use acrylic paint mixed with a little bit of water and then I use a brush. 
After the black lines are dry, I go back in and add color to some of them and then other designs I let the color of background show through. The result is a really dynamic, bold and colorful mural. 

While a mural like this might be too busy or colorful for some people, we love the way it looks and we also love that it feels like we are living inside of a sketchbook page!
Another big change we made to Lucy's room was adding lots of storage and bought her a new bed. We picked out the Hemnes bed from IKEA because it is big enough for her to grow into and it also has TONS of storage space below. 

Since the mural is colorful and busy, we kept the rest of the room neutral and simple.


We moved her little desk (that has been in the dining room) into her room and created a small work space.

We also made use of the ClosetMaid Cubicle Organizers for all of her toys and books. I LOVE these cube organizers!!

The end result is a really fun and whimsical room that is perfect for Lucy to grow into!

Looking for a little more inspiration when it comes to using paint and creativity in those home decor projects?


Unknown said...

Always awesome ladies!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing and happy, love it!!

Elizabeth said...

Incredible work!! I have so much to do before I can start to paint but you have inspired me to get goin!!

Have I ever told you that I think you are an amazing Mom!???? Lucy is so very lucky !

Jennadesigns said...

Love her space! We're moving in a week and my girls will be sharing a space for the first time - thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

I love the idea of a statement wall. And if it doesn't turn out right u can always paint over it and start again. Do u recommend using higher qualities paints for these projects to get better saturation?

Anonymous said...

Brilliance! I bet Lucy loves it. I know I do.


Stephanie said...

What a great room refresh. LOVE your wild feminist t-shirt! Where did you get it? Best, Stephanie

Virginia said...

The room looks amazing!!!!!

studioGypsy said...

lovelovelove!! so gorgeous beautiful!! xoxo

studioGypsy said...

lovelovelove!! so gorgeous beautiful!! xoxo

Elisabetta Brustio said...

WoW!!!!!!! Le farfalle sono bellissime, odoro lo spazio con la scrivania, la libreria, il puff rosa... è una stanza perfetta!
Ma come trovi il coraggio di cancellare quello precedente???
p.s. com'è cresciuta Lucy!!!!!!

WoW !!!!!!! The butterflies are beautiful, I smell the space with a desk, the library, the puff pink ... it's a perfect room!
But how do you find the courage to cancel the previous one ???
P.S. it is grown Lucy !!!!!!

alisa burke said...

I actually just use my everyday acrylic paints and they work great! If I know I'm going to need to paint a large area I'll get a pint of house paint mixed at the hardware store

cococita said...

Your energy is so contagious and inspiring!
Happy Lucy!

sheetal patel said...

do you have a source for the weaving? the whole room is just beautiful!!

Pam said...

Amazing...I am sure she loves that and knowing that mom did it for her is great.


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