Monday, August 01, 2016

my favorite watercolor supplies

If there is something I get asked a lot, it is what are my favorite watercolor supplies. So today I am sharing my entire list of supplies that I use every single day. From cheap to expensive these are my "go to" materials.

Maimeri Venezia Watercolor Set- A great travel set with really rich/quality color.
Angora Watercolor Set- A good budget friendly set that is not the most saturated or rich color but I like using this set for doing lighter washes of color.
Sakura Koi Sketchbox- My all time favorite set for travel and painting on the go
Windsor and Newton Pan Set- Higher end set with really beautiful and rich colors
Prang Washable Watercolors- Great budget friendly set
Raphael Travel Set- This is my current favorite set because it's affordable and the colors are super rich!

TIPS: Don't be afraid to mix up different brands (quality) of watercolors! I am notorious for using a cheap set in combination with my more expensive watercolors. 

No matter what type of watercolors you are using, I always recommend taking time to experiment with mixing colors to see how many different colors and shades of those colors you can come up with.

black velvet round brush Right now these are my favorite brushes to use when I paint watercolor flowers!
brown hair sumi brush

TIPS: Keep in mind that different brushes will do different things and this is why I always like to encourage experimentation with materials before diving into anything new.

Try holding your brush at different angles. Experiment with different sizes and shapes of brushes. Try using different pressure as you apply paint. Make sure to notice how your brushes work with lots of water as well as with dry.

Arches Watercolor Blocks

TIPS: Keep in mind that the type of paper you use will change the results of this process. You can use just about any kind of paper (especially if you are on a budget) but watercolor or paper made for wet media will enable you to really get that surface wet without the paper buckling.


Kreative Kymona said...

Great tips and supplies!!

lifeledbylove said...

Hi Alissa! With your pieces that you sell - are these palettes ok to use for them? Your stuff is always so beautiful and bright! :) Just wondered how they last long term as watercolor usually fades a bit?

Lisa Wagner said...

Hi Alisa! I just bought some paint brushes from Trekell Art Supply that are fantastic! I’m really picky about my brushes so it was great to find ones that were economical and incredibly well-made. I love tube watercolors and have found that WIndsor Newton’s work better from the tube. I dislike their pan ones, too. Daniel Smith is my other fave. Have you tried theirs? Thanks for sharing!


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