Wednesday, August 24, 2016

blackberry mint s'mores

The end of August in Oregon is blackberry season and when you have a backyard full of blackberry bushes, you find all kinds of ways to enjoy them! One of my favorite summer treats are s'mores but I love putting a twist on this sweet treat.


Graham crackers
White chocolate
Fresh mint leaves

Make your s'mores the traditional way and after the marshmallows and chocolate melt, add a handful of blackberries and top with a mint leaf.

This treat is a perfect combo of sweet and fruity and CRAZY delicious!


Haley said...

These look delicious!!!

astr!d said...

well, that looks amazing!!!!

Brig said...

I really must look up what these s'mores are. I've seen them a few times in American recipes and kids storybooks now but what you've done here looks AMAAAAZING!!!!


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