Tuesday, December 03, 2019

spin art gift boxes

If you’ve followed me all these years, you will know that I love finding unique ways to get creative with my holiday wrapping! It’s so much fun to incorporate making art with gift giving. In the coming weeks I’ve got som fun creative wrapping ideas coming your way!

Today I’m sharing a process- spin art gift boxes- that is fun for all ages and a really colorful way to create unique wrapping! Swipe left for the process.

We create lots of spin art around here and instead of using a spin art machine, we use a salad spinner. I add a heavy piece of cardboard to the bottom for stability.

Next, we placed our plain gift boxes inside the spinner. .
Then it’s time to add paint- we select 2-3 colors and added a dime size drop to the top of the box.

Then it’s time to spin! Sometimes you’ll get great results right away and then other times you’ll want to go back with layers of color and more spinning.

The boxes will need lots of time to dry and then you can use them for wrapping! They are perfect for small things or gift cards.

The best part of this process is that it’s colorful, messy and unpredictable! It’s also a fun way to add a little art to your gifting 

Need more handmade wrapping inspiration?

Monday, December 02, 2019

last day of sale!

Hello creative friends! Just a quick reminder that today is the last day of our annual holiday sale. We've got a handful of handmade goodies left in the shop as well and lots of online class bundles on sale! Get in the good deals while you can!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

creating with jules- textured pillow

I’ve been noticing these woven textured cushions popping up in my Pinterest feed and thought about replicating the look and feel of them, but without creating woven fabric from scratch! (Or spending lots of money on designer cushions!) This cushion cover is quick to make so can be made in an afternoon, in any color-way of your choosing.

You’ll need:

Cushion fabric, two pieces 13 x 20 1/2”
Calico fabric, two pieces 13 x 20 1/2”
Various yarns and threads
Wool needle with sharp end
Scrap woven fabric, if desired

I found an off cut of some woven fabric in the upholstery section of a fabric store. The visible weave gives it more of a look that the whole cushion has been woven.

I used yarn and threads that were already in my stash, and starting playing around with color and placement. I’ve given a sampler of ideas, so get creative and play around. 

I used hand sewing to place all the embellishments on my cushion.


1. Sew down some short lengths of yarn
2. Pom poms
3. Stitching down lengths of thick yarn
4. Stitching down lengths of yarn in a zig zag pattern
5. Loops or tassels
6. Sewing woven fabric on and fraying the edges
7. Stitching clusters of thread
8. Sewing down thick yarn letting loops protrude every so often
9. Knots of thread
10. Sew down cord, plaits, or other fancy trimmings
11. Straight spaced stitches

Pom poms make a great addition. You make a pom pom by wrapping yarn around a few of your fingers multiple times, and then tying around the middle with a short length of yarn. Don’t wrap around your fingers too tightly or you won’t fit the length through to tie around the loops! Snip through all the loops and give your pom pom a hair cut with scissors.

When sewing down lengths of yarn, I used some crochet cotton and came out the side of the yarn with the needle and back through the fabric over the other side of the yarn. The needle then comes out the next place where you want your stitch to be.

I looped thread onto a skewer and then sewed it onto the fabric. I found it easier to make these loops on a skewer as I could pull them tight and get the look I wanted, sewing them down later.

Finish sewing any embellishments you would like on your cover.

Once you are happy with your cover, zig zag or serge edges of both pieces of fabric, then place right sides together, and sew with a 1/2” seam allowance. Leave an opening at one end to turn through. Clip corners and turn right side out.

Sew the calico insert the same size as your cushion leaving an opening, and turn right way out. Stuff, and stitch closed.

Pop the calico insert into the cushion cover and sew open end of cushion closed. Make four tassels by wrapping yarn around your fingers multiple times and then tying a length of yarn to fasten around the top loops. Tie another length around the tassel near the top and using a yarn needle, hide the ends inside the tassel. Cut through the bottom loops then trim to neaten up. 

Sew the tassels onto corners of the cushion, and you’re done!

Jules :)

You can find more of Jules here:

Monday, November 18, 2019

annual early black friday sale!

It's a tradition around here to have an EARLY Black Friday Sale! And this year I've got lots of new handmade goodies in the shop on sale from Nov.10th-Dec. 3rd!

In addition to low prices, spend over $50 and receive a free 10 page digital paper download!

Below is a peek at some of the goodies on sale!

We've got a big batch of pottery, ornaments, art journal bundles and canvas pouches.

And we've got a whole bunch of class bundles on sale! Bundles are an offering that so many of you love and it's a wonderful way to grab a bunch of classes at a low cost!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

in the studio- holiday prep

I've been in holiday mode over, getting ready for our annual sale (Nov 18th - Dec 3rd). This is the one time of year that I load the shop with all kinds of handmade goodies and I've got a bunch of new designs and fun stuff coming on November 18th. Here is a little peek at all the creativity happening in my studio.


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