Monday, March 30, 2020

NEW CLASS! doodle it out

Ok friends, I have a bunch of online classes that I filmed a couple months ago and they have just been sitting in my computer waiting for later in the year. One of them is called DOODLE IT OUT and I thought it might be something fun to release right now. So I moved up the launch date and marked it 50% off. Class starts Monday! Below is a little preview and all the details

Begins Monday, March 30th
NOW $15 (Regular Price $30)

For information or register HERE

I love doodling, it can be relaxing, stress free, silly and super creative. It is also a really simple and practical way to carve out a daily art practice. The best part is that anyone, any age and any level can do it!

I this class I am sharing 30 super creative lessons on doodling that includes techniques, prompts and exercises to get you playing around with a pen and paper. We will explore shapes, mark making, lines, lettering, a variety of subject matter and more. I will be sharing a variety of simple techniques that will take your doodles to the next level.

Doodle It Out is a class structured into 30 inspiring lessons. The concept is that you have one simple doodling idea, prompt or technique to work through each day for 30 days. I will be sharing all kinds of really simple, fun exercises to get you creating. The concept is that you have one simple idea, prompt, inspiration or technique to work through each day for one month.

All of my online classes have unlimited access which means that you can come and go as you please and create at your own pace!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

5 tips for working from home

As a person who has been working from home for the last 12 years, I thought it might be helpful to share a handful of things that have helped me (and my husband Andy) behind the scenes over here running this creative business.

After working in an office and large community setting, when I quit my job to go full time as an artist (while it was the best thing that ever happened to me), the first couple of years were weird and actually really lonely at times. The shift from being around people all the time, having a schedule and discipline to follow to suddenly having to create these things for myself took me a LONG time to figure out. In fact, I am still trying to figure some stuff out but you can scroll left for a few things that have helped me.

Ok I hope these tips help someone out there. Let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions or your own tips for working from home.

Coming very soon Andy and I will be sharing some of our homeschool tips that have worked for our family! 

Monday, March 09, 2020

big sale this week!

It’s my birthday week and it’s an annual tradition around here to celebrate with a sale!

All week I’ve got over 100 of my online classes marked down, bundles of classes, even prices as low as $10! And with any purchase you get a free 32 page digital download of art to use in your own project- lots of fun stuff!

So if you are looking for a great deal, are ready to take a class with me or stock up on classes, now is the time! 

Visit the shop HERE to get in on the good deals!

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

6 creative ways to use an old sweater

I have been cutting up old or thrifted sweaters to sew with for years! It is one of my favorite materials to sew with when the weather gets cold. 
1. There is nothing cozier than a sweater pillow! This is a great project when you have a larger sweater.

2. A patchwork style blanket is a really fun way to put sweater scraps of all shapes and sizes to use!
TIP:When working with cut up sweaters there is a natural tendency for the edges to fray. I like to use a tight zig zag stitch- this keeps those edges from falling apart.

3. The arms of a sweater work great for creating arm warmers
4. Or even leg warmers or boot cuffs

5. Sweater scraps (like the arms or any long pieces) can be sewn into a scarf or a cowl.

6. Whimsical stuffed toys are a super fun way to use odd sizes and shapes of scraps.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

real talk with Alisa

When I left for college I made the decision to major in art- specifically painting. But my college art education was a wakeup call about what class critiques, teachers, opinions, business and the art world will do to your passion (spoiler alert- it can break your love of making art into a billion little pieces). I stuck with it despite the challenges and then I ventured out into the world with an art education that taught me that in order to be a working artist, I needed to show my art in fancy galleries with big price tags, get an agent and share my work in circles with money/ status. After some art shows under my belt and trying to be something that I was not, I quickly came to the conclusion that I DIDN'T FIT into this world and that was ok!

It was amazing because as soon as I accepted that art wasn’t precious for me- it never felt fancy- it didn't feel like it should be exclusive for people with money- I didn't care about status- I loved selling my creations at holiday bazaars instead of fancy galleries and I loved my glue gun, puff paint and and craft projects- this was the day that I WAS SET FREE! Set free to simply be myself- to love art and craft, be weird, unconventional, messy, rule breaking and not fit into one category.

And while building the creative business that you see today took me over 15+ years of lots of trial and error, it was that moment of OWNING WHO I AM that ended up being my secret sauce! I think we all have to travel our own paths (and no shade to the gallery artists out there) but it just feels so good to be yourself. To own all the things that make you unique and different, to let go of pressure and limiting beliefs about who or what you should be.

So if there is someone out there today feeling like you have "do all the things" that everyone else is doing, if you are making art/craft that you want to fit in, if you want get "discovered", if you are fueled by money or status or if you are hiding all the unconventional things about is my advice- don't do it! It's just not worth it. You are blessed with gifts, you are unique and you GOTTA lean in to all those wonderful, wild and weird things that make you..YOU!


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