Sunday, September 25, 2011

sketchbook anchor wall art

I am happy to report that baby preparations around the house are over and it feels good! I hung the last of the art on the walls of her room and I thought I would share this easy little project that my husband and I collaborated on a while back.

I have shared in previous posts that the theme/colors of the room are all inspired by our passion (that we can't wait to share with our daughter)- the ocean. One day I had the idea to create an anchor that looked like a sketchbook drawing to hang on the wall in a grouping of ocean art.

I started out getting my ideas down on paper and then hit up my husband for a little help

While my husband works by day as a structural engineer he is a SUPER talented artist and can draw anything- see more about him here. We like to collaborate on creative ideas and projects and this was a perfect project!

We used thick water color paper and he drew a large version of my anchor sketch and gave it perfect proportion and dimension (something I am NOT good at!) and then handed it off to me.

I filled the drawing with watercolors.

Added shading and layers of color.

And then I used a black pen to add details.

Next we cut out the anchor

and glued it to a scrap piece of cardboard. While I would have loved to have created this project from a big piece of scrap wood- it will be hanging above the changing table and I wanted to keep things light weight on the wall.

We cut it out of the cardboard and add black acrylic paint around the edges.

Last, I added a few more black lines and details.


Then we hung it on the wall in the middle of a grouping of ocean inspired photos and art.


Friday, September 23, 2011

free motion graffiti is live and GIVEAWAY WINNERS!


My latest online class Free Motion Graffiti is now live and it is also time to announce the 4 winners of class giveaway!

Via the random number generator the winners are- Margo, unschool, Natalie and Saints and Apostles.

Email me at for details!


Monday, September 19, 2011

no sew whale pillow

So while we are ready and prepared for the arrival of our new addition (at least with the necessities) I have now been taking a little time here and there to craft a few more things for her room. I mentioned last week in this post that the colors are blues and greens and the theme for her room is the ocean (of course). I've been adding just a few pops of the theme here and there and I decided I wanted just one ocean pillow to add to the cozy couch/bed in her room- and it had to be a whale pillow :)

I started by sketching out different whimsical whales for practice and I liked them so much that I decided that to use both.

Next I lightly drew a larger version of each whale on a scrap piece of light weight raw canvas

and using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint I painted the whales with color and just a little bit of shading.


Last, I added a some detail lines with black fabric paint

and then cut them out.

So even though I have a new book all about sewing, there are times when even I don't feel like sewing or times when I want something a little quicker. This was one of those time and I grabbed a bottle of Aleene's Fabric Fusion fabric glue.


I actually already had a brand new pillow that I purchased for the great graphic fabric design that I had set aside to be the backdrop for this project a while back- you could certainly whip up a handmade pillow but again, I was looking to cut a few corners in this project (I'm really busy right now!!)

I used the fabric glue and a paint brush and spread the glue generously on the back of each whale and then applied to the surface of the pillow and let dry.

And voila! I have the perfect accent pillow to add to the cozy couch.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

new online class- free motion graffiti and a giveaway!


I've got a bunch of online classes sitting on ice over here and the next one I am releasing is called Free Motion Graffiti! This class is perfect for those who took Beneath the Surface or for those of you who have overflowing collections of scrap fabric!

Free motion graffiti is a term that I started using a few years ago to describe the process that I often use when sewing. Inspired by graffiti it is the concept of using fabric and the sewing machine to layer, create expressive stitching, be messy, make marks and create fiber surfaces that have a graffiti vibe. I briefly touch on the concept of free motion graffiti in my new book- Sew Wild- but in this class I will dive into greater detail about free motion sewing techniques and concepts- mark making, doodling and drawings, how to use and create lettering, utilizing scraps and more!. This class is sure to get you inspired to think outside the box!

Here is a peek-

A few important facts about Free Motion Graffiti-

It is great if you are a beginner but would be VERY helpful if you are a little familiar with basic sewing.

You will need a sewing machine and eventually a free motion/darning foot for the class- don't worry this information will be covered.

Keep in mind- sewing can be challenging (especially if you are a beginner) but with time and a little practice it becomes super fun!


Registration for Free Motion Graffiti opens today and the class goes live on Friday, September 23rd!

The structure of this class is a little different from my others and it is reflected in the price- $40.00

(It is not large enough to be a 5 lesson class and not small enough to be a mini class- it is somewhere in between!)

Also different from many of my classes- the lessons are posted all at once and ready for you to dive into. And just like the rest of my online classes you have unlimited access to come and go as you please for as long as you want.

For all the details and to register hop on over to my online shop-

And last I will be giving away 4 free spots in the class!

Leave me a comment

I will pick and announce the winners on Friday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

new online class- free motion graffiti

I have another online class that I will be releasing very soon! Details and a giveaway coming on Monday!


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