Monday, July 05, 2010



I have a secret to tell husband Andy is a really good artist, like REALLY good, maybe better than me- well, maybe not better- more like different. You see while I think in color, abstraction and pattern, he thinks in detail, proportion, dimension and realism. A long time ago he turned down a bunch of scholarships to art schools to join the Navy - I know, what the heck!!?!? It's a long story that I'll save for another time (there is a little of it here). The short story is that he took the long road to college, decided to get a degree in something with job security and now works as an engineer. And while he is a super smart structural engineer, he still is one of the most talented and creative dudes I have yet to meet!

This is one of his many portraits- amazing right?!? (he might kill me for posting this but oh well!) While I am most happy with a can of house paint, a brush and lots of caffeine to make me paint extra fast, he is most comfortable with a pencil, lots of time, and attention to detail. Our creative styles are a true representation of how different we are in just about everything!

While I have been on the path of creativity and growing with my art for what seems like eternity, my husband has been in the midst of finding his way back to art and it's been so much fun to witness! Lately we have been dreaming, talking and planning some collaborative projects together and decided it was time to put our ideas into action! The first project- painting over an old beat up surf board to hang in our house. Our vision- a tattoo inspired ship painted on top of my messy background and painted patterns.

I wish someone would have told me I had paint on my head!

Collaborating on a piece of art, at the same time is challenging! You have to give up some of the control, trust the other person's abilities, give them room to explore, try not to be a "know it all" and somehow find common ground. But if you can pull it off- without a massive argument, it can be rewarding! The creative process takes over, you are able to problem solve together, you find that your differences somehow blend together, there is laughter, peace and the calm that comes with losing yourself in the simplicity of creating and before you know it, a common goal has been reached together- hmmm sounds like marriage eh?

Here is a little video documenting our process-

Andy & Alisa Collaboration from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. music- us again by brandi carlile





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