Monday, July 30, 2007

The Con

What you might be asking yourself is what is my husband doing with Jaba the Hut?!?!?!? It is Comicon sillies- or "The Con" if you are a regular (which we are not). In fact this was the first time we had ever been and my husband is a HUGE comic junky and I just wanted to go to get to see some cool artists, movie stars and sit in on a panel discussion on my favorite show Battle Star Galactic....but we ended up disappointed and overwhelmed and left WAY earlier than our $30 admission tickets should have allowed- the crowds were insane, the people were strange (and i usually love strange people watching) and I felt there were way too many video games, marketing ploys, and the topper was all the wasted paper on postcards and adds being handed out left and right!!!! We were not able to attend any panels because of the lines, I had a strange run in with a Storm Trooper while wandering around by myself and my husband and I kept bickering the whole time over the different paces that we were walking- never again will we attend but must say it was a once in a lifetime thing to do and I got some fun shots!!!

At the end of the day we were exhausted and our senses were OVERWHELMED!!! Andy dozed on the short trolley ride home and I dreamed about laying by the pool on Sunday!

And on Sunday I did actually spend some time reading my book (that I cannot put down) by the pool and I must say that I did successfully get some more freckles (with SPF OF COURSE) which I am convinced will someday will grow together to form a tan as dark as my husband's Pacific Islander skin- yeah right!!! The topper of the weekend and better than the pool or Comicon was that we fixed my closet which was the best thing ever to work on- thanks to Andy!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So yesterday was back to work for me and I actually had a nice day, it is good to get myself back into a routine instead of waking up late and bumming around all day trying to find fun things to do around San Diego! In my art life, this week I am working on some gifts for people back in Cincinnati, some new stuff for my website and workshop proposals! This weekend Andy and are going to Comicon. I have never been before but I am so excited and particularly excited to attend a panel discussion on feminism in the show Battlestar Galactica which happens to be my favorite show! Who would have thought eh? Then on Sunday, my lovely photographer friend Duvy is going to be taking some bio pics for me for the book and a few other things...exciting- another photo shoot!! I have to figure out what to wear...hmmmm???? I had not checked my mail since being back, (again I was pretending I was actually on a vacation out of town which means not getting your mail!) Much to my surprise I got a lovely necklace from Tonia with one of the buttons from our trip to St. Theresa's Textile Trove- such a lovely necklace!!!! I am afraid to wear it because it looks like a piece of art I should hang on the wall- thank you so, so, so much Tonia!!

And last, I included a few more of my favorite pics from our vacation at home- it was actually so nice to get to spend quality time with my husband- I forgot all about wishing I was on a beach in Fiji or the Tuscan countryside!! We always have so much fun together when we stop and enjoy living in the moment and last week was no exception, we had a blast!!

Back to the Grind!

So I am back to work at "the day job" and actually was not dreading going back to work. Since my return from Cincinnati Andy and I took off this last week to take small trips and excursions around S. Cal and quite frankly had a wonderful time. Originally we had big plans to take an exotic trip somewhere but after sensible thinking we decided that after all the preparation and work for my photo shoot I may not want to travel so we opted for staying local and I am now quite glad that we did. My favorite excursion was the San Diego Zoo- we had such a nice time, great weather, lots of active animals and I got to finally use my new Cannon Rebel and take tons of pics! After a week of "down time" and mini trips about town, I finally got to relax and re center myself and I was actually ready to come back to work. Right now it seems that having a day job forces me to be structured with my art and my life and I am not so good at staying in vacation mode for very long, I need something to focus my energy on. So it is back to the grind for me but there will be lots to do- working on the writing for my book, planning workshops, preparing for students to return to USD and trying to just enjoy life and not worry so much about the future.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Home- At Last!!

So much to tell since my last post- I finished my photoshoot a day early and it felt so good to be done. Since I was not scheduled to fly out until Sat that meant I had a free day to do a little site seeing and wonderful Tonia took me to one of the best little craft stores I have ever been in called St. Theresa's Textile Trove- I was in heaven! So many little one of a kind goodies! Then we had yet another yummy lunch

(the week was full of fabulous lunches thanks to Tonia!) Then I got go visit my very first Hobby Lobby which I have wanted to do for a while since we don't have them in California and its a good thing because I don't need anymore places to blow money!! The week ended on a really good note and then.......... it all went down hill when I got to the airport on Sat. As the plane was pulling out it broke down on the runway, no electricity- no air and we were stuck, then back to the gate, still stuck and then we de-planed and all had to get new flights out! It was so late that there was nothing for me until the next day so it was another night in Cincinnati! I finally made it home late Sunday afternoon and I won't go into all the craziness but it was quite a travel drama will all sorts of craziness!!! But I am thankful to have made it home safely and though I am exhausted, I am just so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to have spent my time and energy on my passion!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So here I am on day 3 of my week in Cincinnati and though I am exhausted, I am feeling really positive and so blessed. This experience has been great so far- lots of work but really great to get the opportunity to just do something that I love so much- paint! I am really close to finishing all my projects and this might even happen early! Now I am glad that I took lots of time to prepare! I have met so many lovely people and Tonia D. who has been there from the start has been fabulous to working with and so helpful. More to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 2

It is getting late and I am tired but Day 2 went great and I am even more excited and encouraged- more later when I am not so sleepy!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Under My Belt

So day one of my photo shoot is under my belt! All my worries and anxiety are gone and replaced with inspiration and the reality that this is actually happening! Today went great- lots of fun techniques and a day full of re creating everything....again! I will share more in time! It is so hot here and I thought I would go walking once I got back to the hotel, but I just cannot take the humidity and heat- I am spoiled by San Diego! So I have been enjoying the cool comfort of my hotel room and cable channels that I miss out on at Bravo, Style and E!!!!! So needless to say I am happy and relaxed.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pay Off

So it is almost time for me to leave for Cinncinati! Months of hard work, my hands even my feet have taken a beating but it all comes together for this week- yikes! I am trying not to be nervous but of course I am but I am quite excited for my hard work to pay off, not to mention, I am now on a 2 week vacation from my day job...yipeeee!!!


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