Wednesday, September 11, 2019

let's talk money!

When you are an artist or a creative entrepreneur, talking about money can feel awkward but it’s totally normal and necessary especially if you are trying to build something successful. Today I am opening up about my own philosophy on money and pricing. Spoiler alert- it doesn’t include profit margins, formulas or overhead rates!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

new class! journal it out!

I am so excited to announce my next online class Journal It Out and today I've got a little preview for the next two weeks we have an early bird sale happening!

begins September 23rd
$50.00 EARLY BIRD SALE $35.00

I teach a lot of classes on how to make art but what I haven't shared is one of the most profound and important ways that I USE art and the creative process. I've discovered after a lifetime of creativity- that sometimes you don't have words or images or even the time to create your next masterpiece. Honestly, sometimes you've got so much going on in your life, your head and your heart that you don't feel like making "something" beautiful. It is in these moments that I let all of that go and I use the creative process to express myself, get my feelings out, work through my emotions and document my experiences and memories.

In this class I share how to use your art journal as a personal and sacred space to connect with your feelings, memories and experiences. Without pressure, we will work through over 40 expressive, abstract and intuitive concepts and techniques that will give you the courage and the confidence to tap into your own unique narrative. My hope is to show you simple but proufound ways to connect your art with your emotions and your life and how amazing it can feel to just journal it out!

I am not a therapist, I am simply an artist who has used the creativity to process, heal, celebrate and find power in my experiences and I want to share these things with you! I make no promise of healing, finding joy or overcoming hard things by taking this class- but I do promise that you will walk away with really simple and applicable concepts to connect creativity to your experiences. 

more information or register HERE

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

end of summer sale!

It's officially the end of summer and this week I've got my annual END OF SUMMER SALE happening over in the shop. 

end of summer sale from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

Head on over to the shop HERE for low prices!

Monday, August 26, 2019

a peek inside my process- inspiration seaweed

Often times I am on the look out for organic shapes to use in my art. My art journal is the place where I explore play around with this inspiration and hash out ideas for future projects.

This summer we've had so much colorful and unique seaweed wash up on the beach and I've been snapping lots of photos to use as inspiration in my art journal.

These pages are not a masterpiece and often I work through them very quickly. This process is an important way that I use my world and the things around me in my art.

It's how I strive to be authentic and find my own unique narrative in my colors, shapes and designs. 

This is process is also how I work through new ideas for concepts, designs and future class ideas.

If you are seeking to find your own style, your own narrative or vibe, the best place to start is in your life- with the things you see and experience everyday, the shapes and patterns in your world.
Yes, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to gather ideas but the only place that will provide authenticity for your art is in real your life!


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