Tuesday, October 30, 2018

24 hour flash sale! business bundle

Hey friends! I've got another FLASH SALE happening! I've bundled my business classes together for $30 (compare at $130 for all three) a cost savings of $100! If you are interested in learning all about the business side of art and creativity, this is the deal for you! Head on over to the shop HERE for more details or to register.

Offer ends Wednesday, October 31 at 10pm PST

Bundle includes: 

Back in 2005 I started a blog to document my journey as an artist and today my little blog has grown into something I never could have imagined- I currently have millions of readers all over the world, my blog has enabled me to generate income for my creative business, many of my posts and projects have "gone viral" or been picked up by a variety of sites and magazines but the best part is that I have been able to inspire and connect with amazing people! In this class I will share all of the blogging tips, techniques and secrets that I have discovered over time. We will dive into a variety of topics such as- design, photography, how to come up with unique content, staying organized, blogging schedules, growing readership, using Pinterest and SO MUCH MORE! Blogging is something that I am incredibly passionate about and I am excited to share that passion with you!

In my opinion, there is no magic formula for growing a creative business, in fact there is all kinds of free information that you can access online. I am not going promise you the secret to success in this class. Instead I want to share with you what has worked for me. It has been a long (sometimes painful) 20 year journey with just as much failure as success. I've tried just about everything in the creative world- from working and showing at galleries, to framing art, to teaching at retreats, to selling at craft shows, to freelance, to design and more. I was always searching for a big break and it never came but through it all I was loyal to my love and passion for art. Slowly my creative business grew into something that today supports our family. In this class I share as much information as I can- everything from defining who you are, insight on creative professions, branding, marketing, blogging, managing finances, how to deal with failure and rejection, how to grow and handle growth and so much more. Again, I am not an expert, I am simply an artist whose had a lot of experience finding her way and I am excited to share my story, my knowledge, my success and failure. So if you are looking for the inspiration to jump start your creative goals in 2015, this is the class for you!

Back in 2009, I quit my day job to pursue art full time. I spent over 15 years working towards my dream of being a full time artist. If there is one thing I have learned from my own journey, it's that when you make time and space in your life to pursue your dreams, big things can happen! In this little class I will be sharing my experiences, practical tips and tricks for going after your creative dreams. If you are looking for inspiration to grow as an artist, launch a dream or find motivation to go after something big, this is the class for you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

creative consulting sessions are back and a GIVEAWAY!

Friends I am so excited to announce that I have opened up spots available for Creative Consulting. I've offered creative consulting sessions the last couple of years during the new year but I thought this year I would open them up in the fall and through the holidays. I know that for many creatives, this is the times of year when we tend to be immersed in creating,  planning, selling, marketing and hustling and so often we need feedback, support, ideas and solutions. I want to be that person for you!

In addition to opening up this opportunity, today I am also giving away a free consulting session to one of you! See below for all of the details.

Creative Consulting Session

I love helping other artists and entrepreneurs harness their potential. In fact offering feedback, advice and planning about creative business is one of my favorite things to do! These sessions are for those of you who need inspiration to move forward, feedback on your art, marketing/branding advice, how to use social media, ideas and practical guidance for your creative goals. Over the years I've been asked all kinds of questions about building a business, making art, developing a unique style, earning income, teaching, writing a book, branding and more. And while I am not a life coach or a business coach, I am confident in my 20+ years of experience making, selling and growing a career in art. While my business started small, today I run a successful six figure creative biz that supports our family and I have lots of knowledge, inspiration and ideas to share.

This one hour creative consulting session is all about you! After corresponding via email, we will schedule a Skype/Facetime/phone call that is customized for you. The session will last for 1 hour (60 minutes) (with some flexibility) and I will address your needs, give your practical feedback, inspiration and ideas to move forward with your goals. Keep in mind I cannot guarantee changes for you, your art or your business but I can give you the jump start, ideas, steps, inspiration to go after the things that you are dreaming about.
More details HERE

Want to win a spot in class and a 1 hour Creative Consulting Session?

Leave me a comment

Tell me something you need help with in your creative work, business or goals.

I will randomly draw a winner an announce at the bottom of this post later this week.

Monday, October 22, 2018

galaxy rings

Lately I am loving the trend with galaxy designs! Galaxies are so easy to create and I thought it would be fun to take the process and create some fun statement rings. This is a fun project for kid and teens or even adults who are want to try painting.

All you are going to need to is acrylic paint (in blues and purples and pinks) and some wood slices.

Start by painting wood slices with a good coat of black paint.

Next, using a brush (any brush will work but I am using a stencil brush) start dabbing purple paint onto the surface. Then dab a little bit of white paint over the top. The two colors will begin to mix together. Embrace the brush marks, this is what will make that galaxy feel like a galaxy!

Continue this process with different colors layered over the top. Dabbing each color.

Once you are satisfied with your colors, let everything dry.

The next step is to add lots of white dots to represent stars!


Once those tiny galaxies are dry, use a thick layer of Mod Podge to seal that surface.

The last step is to glue those galaxies to ring backs. I used my favorite heavy duty glue E6000
The result is a super simple but colorful galaxy ring perfect for any age!

Looking for more handmade ring projects?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

24 hour flash sale! art journal bundle

Hey friends! I've got another FLASH SALE happening! I've bundled all of my art journal classes together for major cost savings! If you are interested in learning all kinds of ways to work on that art journal, this is the deal for you! Head on over to the shop HERE for more details or to register!

offer ends Wednesday, October 17 at 10pm PST

Grab that art journal and meet me in the garden! In this class we will be using the garden as as the backdrop for exploration and creativity! We will be using a variety of techniques and materials to discover and document inspiration, memories, garden planning, wildlife observations, weather patterns and more! I will share all kinds of techniques- from sketching, collage and painting to create colorful and layered art journal pages.

I carry an art journal or sketchbook wherever I go, even when I travel! The result are pages and page full art, free writing and collage inspired by my experiences. In this class I will be sharing some of my favorite concepts and techniques for keeping a journal dedicated to travel and adventure.

I spend  A LOT of time sketching but I probably spend just as much time working in an art journal. For me there is really a fine line between an art journal and a sketchbook. For my sketching process I limit my supplies- But when I work in my art journal, I explore all kinds of mixed media techniques like painting, collage, sewing (with paper), stamping, doodling, drawing and printmaking. My art journal is a small and accessible place for me to practice, explore and brainstorm all kinds of techniques. 

In this class I will be sharing some of my favorite simple art journal techniques that anyone, any age or any level will be able to create. From using everyday things to incorporating photography to doodling to painting pages to printmaking to stamping and more, I have gathered up my favorite ways to fill an art journal.

Art Journal Delight has been one of my most popular classes to date so I have created another fun class dedicated to art journaling. In this class I will be sharing more of my favorite simple art journal techniques, tricks,  and prompts that anyone, any age or any level will be able to create!

Monday, October 15, 2018

a peeking inside my process: playing with pour painting

Lately I've been having lots of fun experimenting and playing around with pour painting. A pour painting is exactly what it sounds like- pouring paint onto a surface and then letting that paint move and mix around on the surface. The result is a colorful, abstract, marbled like effect. Here is a little peek into my process!


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