Friday, July 10, 2015

faux turquoise rings

I love coming up with unique ways to transform everyday things into something beautiful and creative. And since I have MAD LOVE for all things turquoise, I thought it would be fun to come up with a simple way to transform stones into faux turquoise rings.
So if you didn't know, you can marbleize with nail polish! The cool thing about nail polish marbling is that it will work on all kinds of different surfaces. For this project I used polish that I had on hand (all of my nail polish is quick dry) but anything will work.

Start by filling up a bowl with water.

Lightly pour the polish onto the surface of the water and then swirl it around. I used a combo of turquoise and black polish.

Next, dip a rock into the surface of the water and quickly remove it. The polish will permanently adhere to the rock. I tried this a few different ways and figured out that using my fingers was the easiest way to dip the rocks. I used nail polish remover to take the polish off my fingers.

Let the rocks dry.
The result are rocks that look a lot like turquoise!

I thought the stones would make beautiful rings so I used E600 (industrial strength adhesive) and glued them to ring backs.

And there you have it pretty little rings made from just a few simple supplies!

I'm adding these to my collection of turquoise jewelry.


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