Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Already Sunday Night?!?!

My day did not pan out the way that I had planned!!! I have been working on filming new classes all weekend, sewing things for my shop, working on class info for summer teaching, shipping, working on custom orders, learning how to use my new Bernina (more on that later!) and then not only did the internet crash but so did our video editing program.  All my hard work, everything completed and there is now very little I can do!!! I am finally back on online but still waiting for the hubby to fix and edit all of my new online class videos! Oh well, such is life- now it is time to be patient and go with the flow, something I am NOT good at!! So for now I will settle for sharing updates!

My Bernina arrived yesterday evening- I tracked it all day long online and was SO anxious for it to show up!  Finally at 5:30pm the fedex truck pulled up and I was jumping up and down with excitement- it is not everyday that I get a new toy. My husband loves new toys-expensive toys- (surfboards, computers, guitars, etc) But I am not really into toys so getting to participate as a Bernina artisan and having the opportunity to work on a brand new Aurora 440 is so freaking FABULOUS!!! Once I get it all figured out and have a little more time I will be sharing all kinds of cool stuff!

I must share a couple of custom purses that I finally finished and shipped off


I added more messy journals to my shop

Hopefully my computer will be back to working order tomorrow- this week I PROMISE to be a better blogger!!!

Crazy and Creative!

I am running around in a crazy creative frenzy lately- trying to get everything done, finish up my last two weeks of the day job.  I'm not gonna lie...I'm kinda freaking out with the amount of work I have to do!!!! Since I have been absent from my blog all week I will be posting quite a few updates and new work throughout the day!!! 

The first is  preview of new little graffiti pouches that I have been making for my Esty shop and some art shows in the future.  They are SOOOOO cute!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Esty SALE on Monday!

Tomorrow I will be having a Memorial Day sale on all simple clutch purses in my shop- the price will drop from $40.00 to $30.00 for the day- sale starts at 9am Pacific Standard time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Etsy Sale!

I will be having a Memorial Day sale in my Etsy Shop on Monday, May 25th on all kinds of new purses!! Stay tuned for some sneak peaks throughout the weekend

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pardon Me...

All of you out there will have to pardon me- the theme of my posts these days will likely be about my transition into a full time artist- since I am now counting down to the last day of work at my job!! As I shared last week I decided to quit my job to FINALLY pursue working as a full time artist.  I think everyone in my life knows this decision has been a long time coming- for years I have been working and preparing for the day that I step out of the box and embrace who I am. For years I have been looking for a fit when it comes to a job, I have been bouncing around thinking that I could have it all- a great job and a great career as an artist.  But after so much time spent NOT being creative in a 9-5 I just cannot escape the inevitable- there is something so strong in my core, almost like an ache- to be myself, to live loud, to do what I know I was created to do and that is to make art ALL the time. I cannot believe the encouragement and wonderful responses I have received from so many people both in my life and out there in cyber space!  It truly speaks to how many of us want something more in our lives, to not just have work but to have work with purpose, to somehow be able to do what we love and feel proud to be defined by it.   So the next few weeks leading up to my last day of "traditional work" I will be celebrating my decision to be an artist and likely be writing about my excitement, inspiration and reflecting on how profound it is for me to be pursuing my dreams.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shop Updates!

A few shop updates today- a handful of new purses

And the next art print in my new series that I have been working on-

Visit my shop for all the new work!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling oh so BRAVE!

Beware this is a long one!

I have never considered myself to be very brave- when I was a little girl I was scared to get down off the kitchen chair because it seemed so high and I sat on it in fear for hours (a story I have never lived down). When I learned to swim I had to be bribed (with a set of sesame street books) to jump off the diving board because I was too afraid to jump into water.  My first day of first grade I was afraid to wear my new purple outfit to school and stood in the hallway as my mom talked me down from my fear of entering class...I have a million of these stories throughout my life- hillarious now but very telling about my character.  I am often cautious, I take my time and I have battled fear my whole life.  

Today as I press publish on this post I am heading to a meeting where my resignation of Assistant Director of Print and Brand Marketing at the University of San Diego will be announced.  Yep, I am quitting my job during a recession- as crazy as this sounds, I have never been so at peace and fearless about a decision.  Since I was 15 years old, I have been chasing a dream of being an artist, I studied art all through school, I took icky jobs just to be able to make art on the side and now at 34- after being afraid for a long time of what it means to be a full time artist- I have come to a place of accepting that I don't fit into working for someone else. (What else do I really expect.. my parents have been entrepenuers and artists my whole life!)  And I am done- finished- and over thinking that a "normal" job is going to click for me.  Thankfully my creative career has been moving REALLY FAST and it is getting hard for me to keep up with everything while working a day job. 

The writing has been on the wall for a LONG time...and after years of hard work, time spent trying to live fearless, it it time for me to jump, to hold my breath and leap into the arms of my true love- my passion- the one thing that has always defined me- the desire to be an artist- all the time!  (I've come A LONG way since being afraid of getting off a chair!!) So while you are reading this post (faithful readers and amazing supporters) know that I will be bursting on the inside with joy, laughing quietly and feeling oh so BRAVE as I sit through one of my last meetings in a "normal" job.  More to come...

ArtFiberFest = Around the Corner!


is right around the corner and if you are a crafter, a mixed media artist, a fiber artist or just looking for a unique creative experience, this retreat is for you!  I will be teaching two full day classes and there are MANY more really creative classes to choose from and in the evening on Friday, June 26 there will be an artists marketplace where many of us teachers and other talented artists will have their handmade wares for sale!

Top 10 reasons why you should come to Artfiberfest retreat this summer:
1.  The price is inclusive (all meals and lodging for 4 nights)...there will be no hidden expenses at the retreat.
2.  Everyone will get an added bonus of 3 mini workshops on thursday night in addition to their 3 BIG workshops.
3.  The dorms are amazing at Reed college.  They were just built a year ago and represent superb architecture and layout.
4.  Portland is a destination in itself, FULL of funky inspiration.  You'll get a double whammy!
5.  The food is superb at Reed.  Tons of choices!
6.  This will be a nice start to a creative and productive summer...Teachers will kick start you on some project ideas.
7. Teesha will give a mini lesson on how to make my quilted fabric journals for anyone who wants to learn.
8.  The women who come to this are absolutely the best.  Always happy and content....we think it has something to do with working with fabric. 
9.  You deserve this!  You've worked hard!
10.  Being creative is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the world around you.  And there isn't any place better to get energized with the creative bug than Artfiberfest.
All workshops still have space at this point....but won't for long.  The website will be updated every few days as workshops fill.  Find out all the information at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Guy!

I love this guy...not only is he super cool but he challenges me, supports me, loves me and keeps me balanced!  Today is my husband's birthday and also... 10 years ago today we met (via a blind date) on his birthday!! My life forever changed the day I met him and every one of his birthdays I celebrate having this wonderful man in my life!! Happy birthday my dear!

Classes, Classes and More Classes

Student's messy hands at ArtFiberFest

I have been working pretty hard on a number of projects lately- the first to share is that I will be offering more online classes!! And while the 5 week online classes that I offer have been going splendid, I've heard from many people that they can't register for the dates that are offered. So, after lots of thought, I decided to start a series of mini workshops that will be accessible for 6 months after you register.  To begin with I will be offering just the mini classes in this format and hopefully then offer some more extensive classes that are more like the 5 week format. Everything will go live on June 1st but right now the workshops are available for pre registration if you want to get a jump on it.

*******Graffiti Chic started on May 11th and runs for 5 weeks - you can register any time before the last day of class!  Click here for more information!********

The next 5 week online class will start in July and I have something really fun planned so stay tuned!


The Mini Workshop
The mini work shop is a small version of the 5 week online classes that I teach.  It is one specific project or a technique based class that you can login and access for up to 6 months after registration. This means you have six months to download and access the information, there is no date to plan for or time to set aside on your calendar you have control over when you want to create.  The mini workshop is also more affordable option that I thought would be nice for those out there on a budget.  

The Mini Workshop Includes:
5-10 videos (depending on the subject)
Photos for inspiration
Step by step directions
Pdf to download
Depending on the class- patterns, designs, sketches to download and use in your projects


Canvas Collage Mini Workshop $30.00
This class will introduce you to everything you need to know about painter’s canvas.  You will learn a variety of ways to work with canvas using acrylic paint, image transfers, iron transfers, and more.  We will make use of raw, stretched, and primed canvas to build up layers that are glued and sewn together to create a unique piece of art ready to hang on the wall. 

To Register

All Mini Classes go live on June 1st!!



Hand Carved Stamps- Mini Workshop $30.00

Why purchase stamps when you can make your own?!? I only make my own stamps and with a background in printmaking I have discovered unique ways to create pattern with hand carved stamps and assembled materials This is a technique mini workshop where you will learn a variety of unique ways to create stamps. With a combination of videos, photos, blog and pattern downloads you will become a pro at making your own simple stamps! This is a beginner level class- if you have experience in making stamps, this may be a repeat to you. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

To Register

All Mini Classes go live on June 1st!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Away!

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and that is just what my husband and I did this last weekend!! I took him on a last minute get away to San Francisco for his birthday and it couldn't have come at a better time. We have A LOT going on in our lives and stepping away to escape and regroup was needed!! So we loaded our packs on our backs- walked and ate our way through San Fran!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Quilting Arts Workshop DVD!

Thrilled to announce that my Quilting Arts Workshop DVD- Expression Session is available for purchase!! It is full of all kinds of easy (and messy) techniques for creating your very own hand painted fabric.   Visit Interweave for more information!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bad Back..AGAIN!!

Unfortunately I haven't had the best couple of days- my back is thrown out AGAIN.  And while I have changed my work habits since earlier this year I  still have lots of work to do finding balance i my life and better care for my body.  A bad back means very little work for me and of course it lands at a time when I have lots of stuff to do!  Thankfully I have been able to paint even with a bad back and have another little preview of work that will soon be made into prints for my shop!


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