Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Already Sunday Night?!?!

My day did not pan out the way that I had planned!!! I have been working on filming new classes all weekend, sewing things for my shop, working on class info for summer teaching, shipping, working on custom orders, learning how to use my new Bernina (more on that later!) and then not only did the internet crash but so did our video editing program.  All my hard work, everything completed and there is now very little I can do!!! I am finally back on online but still waiting for the hubby to fix and edit all of my new online class videos! Oh well, such is life- now it is time to be patient and go with the flow, something I am NOT good at!! So for now I will settle for sharing updates!

My Bernina arrived yesterday evening- I tracked it all day long online and was SO anxious for it to show up!  Finally at 5:30pm the fedex truck pulled up and I was jumping up and down with excitement- it is not everyday that I get a new toy. My husband loves new toys-expensive toys- (surfboards, computers, guitars, etc) But I am not really into toys so getting to participate as a Bernina artisan and having the opportunity to work on a brand new Aurora 440 is so freaking FABULOUS!!! Once I get it all figured out and have a little more time I will be sharing all kinds of cool stuff!

I must share a couple of custom purses that I finally finished and shipped off


I added more messy journals to my shop

Hopefully my computer will be back to working order tomorrow- this week I PROMISE to be a better blogger!!!


anna maria stone said...

You're a great blogger, and teacher, and artist. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of that.
Maybe some ice cream...?

jackieb said...

Hey sounds like you had your hands full all weekend so I think you did an awesome job.

Can't wait to see what you do with the new machine.

I'm signed up for your Collage Class starting tomorrow...can't wait but then I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow morning so I guess it will have to wait. :}

peggy gatto said...

Your latest creations are divine!!!!!!
Breathe in, then out!!!

Amy said...

Love the journals! I am going to check them out on Etsy. =) My daughter loves journals, I will show her as well. I can't wait to see you grow and grow now that you will be doing this full time. I will pass the word for you. Nothing better than women entrepreneurs! Go us!! =) I added your link to my site at Continued success!!!



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