Monday, January 27, 2020

treasure after the storm

We've had back to back storms for the month of January. It has wet and cold but I've still been getting outside exploring and beachcombing. And we finally had a few days of clear skies, calmer seas and a little bit of treasure!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

a cozy getaway

Keeping it honest, if there is one thing that truly hinders me- it is the inability to stop and relax. You see, I have an excessive amount of energy. I love to create, I love to hustle, I love to be productive- it bring me JOY! But what I’ve discovered in the last couple of years is that my brain needs peace, quiet, rest and even boredom to stay creative. When I am constantly creating, engaging and filling my time, I start to burn out and even feel uninspired.

So I actually try to create moments where I feel bored or calm or quiet. Most of the time it’s in small moments- a couple of hours here and there, sometimes it’s a long drive, sometimes it’s a day away or if it works with schedule and budget, I will find a good deal on a hotel or rental and I will sneak away for a couple of nights.

Last weekend I booked a hotel and stared out the window for hours, I read a book, I hashed out some new ideas and I just sat with myself and my thoughts. Nothing ground breaking happened, I just found some much needed quiet and peace. Because sometimes all you need is a little break, a little calm, maybe even some boredom to stay inspired and creative!

I stayed at the Arch Cape Loft and it was divine! Just 15 minutes away from my home but it felt like another world. I would absolutely recommend this micro hotel to anyone wanting a beautiful place to explore and relax on the Oregon Coast!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

moon and stars wall hanging

There is nothing that I love more than creating whimsical and colorful art and decor out of simple things! I've been cleaning and redecorating my studio and I have a tall corner that needed a little brightening up.

I grabbed a big embroidery hoop, scrap fabric and and some scrap paper and created this fun moon and stars wall hanging.

A perfect way to add a little magic to a corner of my space! 


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