Wednesday, January 22, 2020

a cozy getaway

Keeping it honest, if there is one thing that truly hinders me- it is the inability to stop and relax. You see, I have an excessive amount of energy. I love to create, I love to hustle, I love to be productive- it bring me JOY! But what I’ve discovered in the last couple of years is that my brain needs peace, quiet, rest and even boredom to stay creative. When I am constantly creating, engaging and filling my time, I start to burn out and even feel uninspired.

So I actually try to create moments where I feel bored or calm or quiet. Most of the time it’s in small moments- a couple of hours here and there, sometimes it’s a long drive, sometimes it’s a day away or if it works with schedule and budget, I will find a good deal on a hotel or rental and I will sneak away for a couple of nights.

Last weekend I booked a hotel and stared out the window for hours, I read a book, I hashed out some new ideas and I just sat with myself and my thoughts. Nothing ground breaking happened, I just found some much needed quiet and peace. Because sometimes all you need is a little break, a little calm, maybe even some boredom to stay inspired and creative!

I stayed at the Arch Cape Loft and it was divine! Just 15 minutes away from my home but it felt like another world. I would absolutely recommend this micro hotel to anyone wanting a beautiful place to explore and relax on the Oregon Coast!

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