Monday, January 27, 2020

treasure after the storm

We've had back to back storms for the month of January. It has wet and cold but I've still been getting outside exploring and beachcombing. And we finally had a few days of clear skies, calmer seas and a little bit of treasure!


Sandra said...

Beachcombing made beautiful

mermaidinthehills said...

I love seeing your collection of shells and rocks, but as one who is not so creative at heart, would also love to see some ideas of what you do with them!

mermaidinthehills said...

Love seeing your shell and rock collections, but for someone who is not quite creative as you, would love to get some ideas of what can be done with these collections!!!

ARTISUN said...

Love seeing all the treasures you find! And Lucy is growing up so fast Alisa. She is such a delight to watch on your blog, and is such a lucky little girl to have two of the coolest, funnest parents on the planet. It will be so interesting to see in what direction she will head as she gets older. Much love to you all. Deb


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