Thursday, July 31, 2008


Finally starting to catch up on photos of new work 
(and myself!)
Someday I will get everything done!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Couple More Wallets for Etsy!

Back to Normal

I am finally back to my normal self- this weekend took it of me but in a really good way. It was so positive and uplifting to have people enjoying working with paint, getting to meet so many kind and creative souls and finding all sorts of new inspiration was all really is really difficult for me to jump back and forth between the many hats that I wear– coming back to work on Monday, trying to find energy to be positive and hardworking with different things and then have family staying at our house was hard! And last night I crashed– literally–and fell asleep at 8pm on the couch and then somehow drug myself to bed. I am finally energized and back in the swing of things and ready to jump back into the the juggling act that is my life. I have so many creative projects to accomplish and after the weekend in Long Beach I am so inspired to work with canvas in different and creative ways.

Look for some updates to my Etsy shop in the next couple of days and all kinds of posts with creative ideas that I will be sharing with everyone out there!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Long and Amazing Weekend!

So I am back from a LONG weekend of teaching and demoing at the IQF-LB and it was SOOOOOOOO much  fun!!!! I got a bit nervous at the last minute that maybe my stuff wouldn’t translate or it would be too funky or wearing motorcycle boots to a quilt show was the wrong shoe choice...but I was so encouraged by the wonderful feedback and positive reaction that I got from everyone!! SO many wonderful and creative people in my classes who were very open new ideas and VERY open to making a mess- just what I like!

Just a few highlights-

Getting to spend time with Ruth Rae and her daughter
FINALLY getting to chat with Traci Bautista
Meeting the Artgirlz!!
Having Barbara Delaney help me set up, cleanup and just be all around wonderful person
Brainstorming with Pokey
Getting to spend the early morning before everything started browsing through the AMAZING quilt gallery

****Meeting so many talented and amazing women!

My brain is so full of people and places and opportunities that I will continue to share in the next couple of days- 

After I got home Sunday night I somehow mustered up the energy (drank a lot of coffee on the drive home!) and went over to hang with my in laws- me and my sis in law ALWAYS have a great time together- so much FUN!!! I can't believe I actually made it through dinner without falling asleep- AMAZING!  But it was back to work today and now I have to switch gears...there are still lots of creative stuff to work on- proposals, artwork, articles and a project for my appearance on Quilting Arts T.V!!! 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Four

So it is day four of my new job and for the first time in my ENTRE LIFE it actually feels like a job that fits (at least a job for someone else cause I don't think I will ever find someone to pay me to paint 10 hours a day for good money...but yah never know!!) and in hard times with the economy the way it is I feel so thankful to get to go to work and contribute my creativity and get paid for it! Aside from starting fresh in the job department I have been working overtime to prepare for the Long Beach Quilt Festival this weekend and the 2 classes that I am teaching and doing demos in Open Studios. I have a HUGE problem with over preparation in fact I think I have OCD about covering all of my bases (why couldn't I have experienced this problem in college?). Anyway, I am 2 more hours away from being completely prepared and I can't wait!! It should be a fun time! As usual everything in the world has come down to happening this week and weekend- and to top it off I have in laws coming into town which typically also brings MAJOR drama so now I gotta over prepare myself mentally for that!!!!!! I keep telling myself that I just need to get through this week- 
oh well... juggling is what I do BEST!

Canvas painting that I will be destroying by RIPPING up for one of my classes- I'm gonna try and shake up the quilt show a bit!!!!!

Class kit

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick and Easy Painting

I made little video of quick and easy painting techniques to create a messy background on canvas- it is one thing to read about this stuff in a book but seeing it in action is completely different!  This is my life painting on the floor, slopping paint all over the place.ahhh.. I love painting!  I usually prime my canvas this way and then proceed to paint another 3-4 layers on top of it!

Anyone can use these simple (and FUN) techniques to create a canvas full of texture color and visual interest.

House paint- any thing will work (I like using extra paint from old home reno projects) 
1 tube of paint- your color choice
Watered down paint to splatter with
Can of spray paint
Paint brushes

you are ready to create

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Cares! I am over that stupid bad review...who cares anyway? Besides I had too many lovely, nice, wonderful things happen today that I would rather think about and to top it off it was the last day of my job and Monday is the first day of my new job and thankfully I have tomorrow off which will give me a three day weekend to finish all of my tasks for the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach.  

I sold out of all my graffiti bangles on etsy but I am happy to say I have posted more in my shop :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Review- I Knew This Day Would Come!

So my book is officially out there-on Amazon, in stores, in homes....yikes!! And in this whole process the thing I have been dreading is people "not getting it" and bad reviews. Well is it official...I got my first bad review on Amazon and to my horror they even returned their book (who returns books??!?!) And though I have promised myself not be bothered and in all honesty I am not shattered-as a long time painter I am TOTALLY used to criticism (oh the stories I could tell!!!)... I know not everyone is going to get it but I feel that I have to put it out there for the record...for anyone wondering...Canvas Remix IS an introduction for those who have never worked with canvas and paint- it is also is meant to jump start the imagination, to think outside of the box and start thinking of a canvas painting (or any materials for that matter) being more than just something to hang on the wall....the concept to tear up and deconstruct paintings and turn them into something new is completely unique and I challenge crafters to find inspiration in simple materials and start thinking outside the box and beyond the projects and techniques they find in books.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paint of Course!

What does a painter do when there are tons of things to finish, creative tasks to accomplish, and work to be done? Paint of course! Life is just like high school and college sometimes and it doesn't matter if the "tasks" are ones that you enjoy doing- they are still tasks and my strange way of working is when there is work to be done I all of a sudden get all kinds of creative ideas that seem to take over and the next thing you know I am working on three large paintings at the same time! Oh well....tommorrow is another day and there is nothing like some last minute pressure to motivate me to get things done!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

So Shiny

I am a Mac user- actually by default- I was sort of forced to be one since my hubby is a HUGE fan of any and everything Apple but thankfully I ended up loving my macbook. He has owned an iphone for a while now and I have been fighting the inevitable fact that I would most likely end up with one too (we own lots of "matching" gadgets in our household)... I have been dragging my feet and complaining about nobody actually needing a phone that advanced, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Well, it finally happened and today I have an iphone of my very own and interestingly my poor attitude vanished immediately when I held it in my hands- so shiny, so fresh, so advanced....yes I have now given into the iphone and I think I am loving every minute of it!

(for any of you out there who have my phone has changed...feel free to email me if you need to contact me on my new iphone!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Finally a productive weekend! Not that I havn't been productive but I have been DISTRACTED by a new home, new cable channels (I must stop watching bravo!), a husband that is kinda high maintance (at least he is cute) getting ready for a new job, traveling....and the list goes on and on. But this weekend was spent locked in the studio creating- jumping from one project to another and there are lots of projects- preparing for my classes at the Quilt Festival, creating projects for articles, working on samples for other fun opportunities and making stuff for etsy. My to do list is quite long but at least I have gotten a handful of things done and now I am ready to head into the week!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Wallet

Another wallet for etsy!

Plexi Here I Come!

I was so excited to receive the plexi id bracelet in the mail that I purchased from Toni's etsy shop and even more excited to also receive her new book Plexi Class!! Not only was Tonia Davenport one of the editors for my book but she is also an author and artist and SO CREATIVE. I am not finished going through the whole book yet but so far I totally love it- the book is beautiful to look at and the projects are so unique. I can't wait to spend more time reading through everything and then try some of the projects- plexi here I come!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Creative Influence

Have I ever mentioned that I come from a long line of creative entrepreneurs?? Yep it is true. My dad is a potter and my mom is a ceramic artist and while all my friends had parents with "normal" jobs I had parents who ALWAYS worked for themselves with clay! I never thought too much about it growing up...having a ceramic studio on our property seemed normal to me, helping my dad load the kiln was what all kids did right? Knowing the difference between earthenware and porcelain clay is important knowledge for all young adults...isn't it? Well I am not sure why I did not end up a potter but it really is no surprise that I grew up to be an artist- life growing up was always creative, full of creative experimentation, drawing, making things with clay....ahhh those were the days! And before the internet and etsy there were craft shows and even a kid I got to participate with my own handmade wares! It is no wonder that my life now is all about striving for creative employment and is all I know and love! Well, these days my parents run a successful wholesale business with their pottery and for months I have been encouraging my mom to list some of her extra creations on etsy- I am so excited to share her beautiful clay earrings with everyone.... so take a moment and go check out one my biggest creative influences.....

Monday, July 07, 2008


So I have been MIA for a bit- I ran away to my hometown on the Oregon coast and it was SO needed. After months of working, transitioning out of mentoring college students, renovating, moving, and making art it was time to escape to the place that is my center- with my family.  The last couple weeks have been insane (but what else is new?) I got a new day job at my workplace (the University of San Diego) as the Assistant Director of Print and Brand Marketing which I am so excited about- as long as I have to work a day job I  really want it to be something that lines up with my strengths, my interests and my background!  But not to fear- my creative life, my book, my teaching and all kinds of fun and interesting opportunities will still continue on and thankfully instead of working 3 jobs I now will only be working one job and my art- thank goodness!!!  Now I am back home- rested, rejuvenated and ready to move into the next chapter!!!!!!!!!


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