Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Four

So it is day four of my new job and for the first time in my ENTRE LIFE it actually feels like a job that fits (at least a job for someone else cause I don't think I will ever find someone to pay me to paint 10 hours a day for good money...but yah never know!!) and in hard times with the economy the way it is I feel so thankful to get to go to work and contribute my creativity and get paid for it! Aside from starting fresh in the job department I have been working overtime to prepare for the Long Beach Quilt Festival this weekend and the 2 classes that I am teaching and doing demos in Open Studios. I have a HUGE problem with over preparation in fact I think I have OCD about covering all of my bases (why couldn't I have experienced this problem in college?). Anyway, I am 2 more hours away from being completely prepared and I can't wait!! It should be a fun time! As usual everything in the world has come down to happening this week and weekend- and to top it off I have in laws coming into town which typically also brings MAJOR drama so now I gotta over prepare myself mentally for that!!!!!! I keep telling myself that I just need to get through this week- 
oh well... juggling is what I do BEST!

Canvas painting that I will be destroying by RIPPING up for one of my classes- I'm gonna try and shake up the quilt show a bit!!!!!

Class kit

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kass said...

any chance of some spare class kits on etsy? methinks me wants one of those!


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