Monday, July 28, 2008

Long and Amazing Weekend!

So I am back from a LONG weekend of teaching and demoing at the IQF-LB and it was SOOOOOOOO much  fun!!!! I got a bit nervous at the last minute that maybe my stuff wouldn’t translate or it would be too funky or wearing motorcycle boots to a quilt show was the wrong shoe choice...but I was so encouraged by the wonderful feedback and positive reaction that I got from everyone!! SO many wonderful and creative people in my classes who were very open new ideas and VERY open to making a mess- just what I like!

Just a few highlights-

Getting to spend time with Ruth Rae and her daughter
FINALLY getting to chat with Traci Bautista
Meeting the Artgirlz!!
Having Barbara Delaney help me set up, cleanup and just be all around wonderful person
Brainstorming with Pokey
Getting to spend the early morning before everything started browsing through the AMAZING quilt gallery

****Meeting so many talented and amazing women!

My brain is so full of people and places and opportunities that I will continue to share in the next couple of days- 

After I got home Sunday night I somehow mustered up the energy (drank a lot of coffee on the drive home!) and went over to hang with my in laws- me and my sis in law ALWAYS have a great time together- so much FUN!!! I can't believe I actually made it through dinner without falling asleep- AMAZING!  But it was back to work today and now I have to switch gears...there are still lots of creative stuff to work on- proposals, artwork, articles and a project for my appearance on Quilting Arts T.V!!! 

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Russty said...

Alisa, it was wonderful meeting you this weekend. Its so great to see other people embracing their own style and creating art that they love. I have spent years feeling like I don't fit in to the art quilt world, so it was really great to see someone that is much more my style.

:) Russty


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