Monday, July 07, 2008


So I have been MIA for a bit- I ran away to my hometown on the Oregon coast and it was SO needed. After months of working, transitioning out of mentoring college students, renovating, moving, and making art it was time to escape to the place that is my center- with my family.  The last couple weeks have been insane (but what else is new?) I got a new day job at my workplace (the University of San Diego) as the Assistant Director of Print and Brand Marketing which I am so excited about- as long as I have to work a day job I  really want it to be something that lines up with my strengths, my interests and my background!  But not to fear- my creative life, my book, my teaching and all kinds of fun and interesting opportunities will still continue on and thankfully instead of working 3 jobs I now will only be working one job and my art- thank goodness!!!  Now I am back home- rested, rejuvenated and ready to move into the next chapter!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations Alisa, thats a great new job and promotion for you!! XO


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