Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Creative Influence

Have I ever mentioned that I come from a long line of creative entrepreneurs?? Yep it is true. My dad is a potter and my mom is a ceramic artist and while all my friends had parents with "normal" jobs I had parents who ALWAYS worked for themselves with clay! I never thought too much about it growing up...having a ceramic studio on our property seemed normal to me, helping my dad load the kiln was what all kids did right? Knowing the difference between earthenware and porcelain clay is important knowledge for all young adults...isn't it? Well I am not sure why I did not end up a potter but it really is no surprise that I grew up to be an artist- life growing up was always creative, full of creative experimentation, drawing, making things with clay....ahhh those were the days! And before the internet and etsy there were craft shows and even a kid I got to participate with my own handmade wares! It is no wonder that my life now is all about striving for creative employment and freedom...it is all I know and love! Well, these days my parents run a successful wholesale business with their pottery and for months I have been encouraging my mom to list some of her extra creations on etsy- I am so excited to share her beautiful clay earrings with everyone.... so take a moment and go check out one my biggest creative influences.....


violette said...

it makes so much sense that you would become an artist ALisa.....being surrounded by all that juicy love and creativity! Your parents art is wonderful.

love, violette

Claudia from AZ said...

Oh my goodness! The reason I signed up for your carved stamp class is because I work with clay. I have worked with some stamps before but your class really got my wheels turning. I'm a sketching maniac now, preparing to roll out a great slab of clay. Claudia in AZ


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