Monday, July 13, 2015

coiled rope door mat

Living in Oregon a door mat it an essential item. While the winter months require something heavy duty, in the summer I like having fun dressing up our front porch with a decorative mat. Since I have been working with rope for a couple of years, I knew that a coiled rope rug would be an easy project and a fun way to add a little embellishment to the front porch.
I start with cotton clothesline rope. You can use just about any kind of rope but I really like the clothesline rope because it's easy to work with and doesn't fray. 

I love painting the rope- I used a spray bottle filled with acrylic paint and water to add a little contrast to my rope.

To begin, coil the rope into a circle. 

Using a sewing machine, zig zag stitch the coil together and keep coiling and stitching. 

FYI- I spend lots of time sewing heavy duty and non-traditional materials on my machine- I typically use a denim needle for these kinds of projects.

Continue coiling and sewing until you have created a circle.

I created lots of coiled circles in different sizes.

Next, I arranged my coiled circles so that their sides were touching and then I began to sew them together.

I kept adding circles and sewing until I created an abstract door mat.

Looking for more rope projects?


Rachel Jolley said...

Oh gosh, you are SO clever and talented, this mat is AMAZING, what an inspiration you are!

Kara N said...

I've had on my project list to try something with coiled rope since your very first post on it. I haven't seen something that truly grabbed me - until this. I LOVE it!

Kelly Lynn said...

This would be a cute trivet too! Awesome project!!

moongirl said...

I have had clothesline rope on my list for a while to make a bag. Love the idea of the mat too! :)

Patricia said...

Great idea! Love your door mat!

Joanne said...

You are just so darn creative Alisa! Love all your projects!!

jackie said...

I have followed you along your rope coil projects and have loved making a this looks like another one of your clever ones! Can't wait.....Thanks for always inspiring all your blog readers and admirers.......

Anonymous said...

So cool, but since I'm also an Oregon native and currently live in a crazy-red-soil-that-stains-everything home... what would you recommend for washing? = )

Brig said...

You are so clever Alisa! And so motivated!!! I love it.

Sarah said...

If I have time (and I probably won't, so I'm sharing the idea for your little girl) I'd love to sew my daughter a line of these beautiful rope circles as "stepping stones" for an imaginary river or creek. Then, of course, there's indoor hopscotch (traditional or freeform), and the ideas just keep going from there! Great ideas for indoor winter games. Thanks so much for sharing your methods & art :-)

Vicki said...

I love this! I want to make a rug for my new office! Love the gray/black paint. Thanks for all of your inspirations!!!

Vicki said...

p.s. We're heading to Hug Point tomorrow, so we'll yell REALLY LOUDLY in a northerly direction to say hello. :o)

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