Tuesday, October 02, 2018

make time for creativity

I get a lot of questions sent my way about how to make time and space for creativity. So many of your have shared that you wish you had time and space to create. I've rounded up the most practical advice I can give when it comes to carving out space and a little time for making art:

Regardless of the space that you have or your daily routine, take some time to designate a place for painting and it doesn't have to big or grand- the kitchen table, a counter, a desk will all work!

Give yourself permission to be messy, creative and "in the zone" in this space.

Always keep your favorite supplies in this location (or in a couple of locations) so you don't have to go looking for them. I find when my supplies are available and within reach, I can jump right into the creative process.

Even if your space is small, try to decorate or have things around you that create a creative and peaceful atmosphere- candle, bouquet of flowers etc.

Be open to changing up your space- if life gets crazy and the only free time you have is standing in the kitchen while pasta boils- keep small projects or favorite supplies in a kitchen drawer and take 10 minutes to play while you wait for food to cook! 

Decide how much time you want to dedicate to creating and look for places in your schedule to fit that time in. .
If you don't have lots of time to dedicate to creating, try to carve out smaller chunks of time. You will be surprised how 20 minutes a day of creating adds up by the end of the week! 

Take an honest look at your life and your schedule to see if there are things that you can get rid of, move around or change. Often the biggest obstacles in having the time to create is simply time management! Taking an honest look at your schedule will help you prioritize and fit in more time for creativity. #tipsfromalisa

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iHanna said...

I agree with you Alisa, 100 %. Having time is one thing but it's sooo much easier if you give yourself SPACE, a set up space with your pens, notebook or whatever it is. Then sit there for 10 minutes to make something that is just for fun! :-)


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