Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to the Grind!

So I am back to work at "the day job" and actually was not dreading going back to work. Since my return from Cincinnati Andy and I took off this last week to take small trips and excursions around S. Cal and quite frankly had a wonderful time. Originally we had big plans to take an exotic trip somewhere but after sensible thinking we decided that after all the preparation and work for my photo shoot I may not want to travel so we opted for staying local and I am now quite glad that we did. My favorite excursion was the San Diego Zoo- we had such a nice time, great weather, lots of active animals and I got to finally use my new Cannon Rebel and take tons of pics! After a week of "down time" and mini trips about town, I finally got to relax and re center myself and I was actually ready to come back to work. Right now it seems that having a day job forces me to be structured with my art and my life and I am not so good at staying in vacation mode for very long, I need something to focus my energy on. So it is back to the grind for me but there will be lots to do- working on the writing for my book, planning workshops, preparing for students to return to USD and trying to just enjoy life and not worry so much about the future.


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