Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So yesterday was back to work for me and I actually had a nice day, it is good to get myself back into a routine instead of waking up late and bumming around all day trying to find fun things to do around San Diego! In my art life, this week I am working on some gifts for people back in Cincinnati, some new stuff for my website and workshop proposals! This weekend Andy and are going to Comicon. I have never been before but I am so excited and particularly excited to attend a panel discussion on feminism in the show Battlestar Galactica which happens to be my favorite show! Who would have thought eh? Then on Sunday, my lovely photographer friend Duvy is going to be taking some bio pics for me for the book and a few other things...exciting- another photo shoot!! I have to figure out what to wear...hmmmm???? I had not checked my mail since being back, (again I was pretending I was actually on a vacation out of town which means not getting your mail!) Much to my surprise I got a lovely necklace from Tonia with one of the buttons from our trip to St. Theresa's Textile Trove- such a lovely necklace!!!! I am afraid to wear it because it looks like a piece of art I should hang on the wall- thank you so, so, so much Tonia!!

And last, I included a few more of my favorite pics from our vacation at home- it was actually so nice to get to spend quality time with my husband- I forgot all about wishing I was on a beach in Fiji or the Tuscan countryside!! We always have so much fun together when we stop and enjoy living in the moment and last week was no exception, we had a blast!!


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