Monday, July 30, 2007

The Con

What you might be asking yourself is what is my husband doing with Jaba the Hut?!?!?!? It is Comicon sillies- or "The Con" if you are a regular (which we are not). In fact this was the first time we had ever been and my husband is a HUGE comic junky and I just wanted to go to get to see some cool artists, movie stars and sit in on a panel discussion on my favorite show Battle Star Galactic....but we ended up disappointed and overwhelmed and left WAY earlier than our $30 admission tickets should have allowed- the crowds were insane, the people were strange (and i usually love strange people watching) and I felt there were way too many video games, marketing ploys, and the topper was all the wasted paper on postcards and adds being handed out left and right!!!! We were not able to attend any panels because of the lines, I had a strange run in with a Storm Trooper while wandering around by myself and my husband and I kept bickering the whole time over the different paces that we were walking- never again will we attend but must say it was a once in a lifetime thing to do and I got some fun shots!!!

At the end of the day we were exhausted and our senses were OVERWHELMED!!! Andy dozed on the short trolley ride home and I dreamed about laying by the pool on Sunday!

And on Sunday I did actually spend some time reading my book (that I cannot put down) by the pool and I must say that I did successfully get some more freckles (with SPF OF COURSE) which I am convinced will someday will grow together to form a tan as dark as my husband's Pacific Islander skin- yeah right!!! The topper of the weekend and better than the pool or Comicon was that we fixed my closet which was the best thing ever to work on- thanks to Andy!!!!


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