Saturday, July 31, 2010

Upcycled Purse Tutorial


Head over the New York Design Shop for a cute upcycled purse tutorial that I created for their DIY blogger challenge! I was sent a whole bunch of fun trimmings and had to come up with some kind of accessory- this purse was made from upcycled khaki pants!!

trimmings 4


Karen Tessandore said...

Hi Alisa,

We're in Artful Blogging together! (Our articles are right next door to each other) :) Congrats & I really love your art. The photo of the painted legs is my favorite...I've been showing it to everybody.

Really cute purse idea today too! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

xo ~ k

Unknown said...

I Love it!! Kudos to you ~ for promoting recycling!!

reuse - recycle - ReVive!!!

Lori P said...

Nice job! Isn't it a blast to recycled something old and give it a great new life? You make me want to head to Goodwill - and that's a compliment. :)

Linda Dunn said...

Colors and fringe remind me when so-called Greek Fisherman's bags were all the rage in high school. Way back before you were born, I bet, since I could have played with Betty Draper's kids...

Anonymous said...

Recycle ,recycle recycle ,
makes me happy !!keep calm n recycle on it Alias

Anonymous said...

Oops bad on name spelling


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