Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a new hobby?

I am in the midst of sifting through all of the photos that I took at the fair this last weekend and found a few more to share. As kitschy as the fair experience can be, we found pockets of absolute magic in places where we least expected it- my favorite being the wood working exhibition hall where we watched a model ship master, carving and assembling a wood ship- we have a "thing" for ships in our household. It was truly beautiful and inspiring to watch- I think I may have a new hobby on the horizon :)



summerland cottage said...

The ship is beautiful, truly a work of art. And the quote by Gustav Stickley, not just appropriate, priceless !
Thank you for sharing

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Amazing! And, I LOVE Gustav Stickley's quote! Thanks for sharing this!

marla grace said...

i've awarded you with a blog award!

BajolaLluvia Handmade said...

Hi, I'm Lorena and I wanted to tell you I love your work. I put a post on my blog that talks about you, hope you like it.
A greeting.
Forgive my broken English.


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