Monday, February 23, 2015

a statement wall for Lucy

My long time readers know that we co-sleep and while it has been working well for us, recently Lucy asked for a bed in her room and we JUMPED on it! For the last year we have been using her room as a play room which worked great but since she was the one to initiate getting her own bed, we really wanted to make it happen. We know that the transition from co-sleeping to sleeping in her own bed isn't going to happen quickly and that it fine with us but we want to have a "big girl room" set up and ready for her

I decided to surprise Lucy with a little room makeover. I didn't want to spent a lot of money so I came up with a fun statement wall to make a big impact. You all know how I love a statement wall! Paris, France has become a big part of Lucy's make believe right now- she talks about Paris, pretends she is in Paris and calls herself Faulette a french chef from Paris. So I thought it would be fun to paint a whimsical black and white wall inspired by Paris.

I started by painting the wall black. I then painted a whimsical interpretation of Paris- my goal was to have the design read like pattern.

The entire project took less than 3 hours and the end result is SO MUCH FUN!

I organized the space, moved furniture around and brought in a mattress. We went ahead with a floor bed for now (cause this kid is a crazy wild sleeper). I did a surprise reveal for Lucy and she was so excited!!!!

The space is only 100 square feet but the updates actually make everything look and feel bigger! 


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