Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Craft- Blinged Out Skulls Tutorial

The best thing about this time of year (besides the huge selection of super awesome wigs available in stores!) is the plethora of skull parafanalia everywhere. I have a collection of unique skulls and for a while I have been wanting to find a skull with lots of bling. So in my never ending ending quest to transform everyday stuff into something creative and artful I decided to transform a few different skulls with very simple sparkle and bling!

I visited quite a few stores to prepare for this project and there are TONS of skulls- plastic, wood, paper- you name it there are skeletons and skulls everywhere and they are cheap! I purchased a few to show you how easy it create it is to revamp and alter another simple object!

My mantra- paint over anything!

Start by painting over your skulls (this can be plastic, wood or even paper!)
I painted over a couple of cheap plastic skulls.
Use puff paint (in metallic or glitter) and add dots all over the surface of the skull

Another option is to use lots of sequins glued to the surface of your skull!
Time consuming but so worth it!

Use one of the MANY wood forms out there and add colorful sequins and sparkle puff paint!

This guy even got involved and helped me alter a wooden skeleton!

If you can't find a skull that you like- try creating one out of paper mache!
Using a simple ballon and cover with paper mache mixture.
Peel off and then decorate with paint and sequins!

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Anonymous said...

OMG these are awesome! I think I will be making a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow! SMILE!


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