Monday, October 12, 2009

Updates from the Studio

In my quest to be more organized both in my life and online, I have decided that Mondays are going to be my weekly studio update on my blog- new and different things created, teaching updates and announcements!

With the holidays around the corner (which I CANNOT BELIEVE!!) I have started creating all kinds of goodies- I LOVE this time of year and I am always extra inspired about creating all kinds of stuff! I spent a good part of the weekend working on some drawings for some holiday cards that I just sent off to the printer and will be coming soon to my shop!

I also added another hand carved stamp kit with a holiday theme in my shop and I have already started creating my own holiday paper with it!

I have decided to make my Graffiti Chic online class available to register and participate in at any time. Since I will be offering a Graffiti Chic Part 2 in January, I thought that I would make the first class available for anyone out there who wants to take it! You can view a couple a couple of video snippets below- please visit my website for more information on registering for the class!

IMPORTANT NOTE-If you participated in any of the past Graffiti Chic classes and want access to the site again please email me and I will give you free access.

I am trying to figure out the best way to offer my online classes and while I think it is important to have structure with a beginning and end- I am considering opening up each class for registration at any time once the "official 5 weeks" are over with. This may give those looking for structure the opportunity to create within a time frame but also make the class available for those who like more freedom to work over a long period of time. Let me know any thoughts or opinions on this- How do you work best when taking a class?

Tomorrow I have another SUPER fun and creative tutorial that I can't wait to share and then Wednesday I will be doing another give away so please check back for more inspiration!


Michelle Remy said...

Being able to register any time is very helpful in being able to time a workshop when finances will permit the treat of an online class. Thank you for doing this...Michelle

anna maria said...

Your cards look very different and beautiful.

I like to take classes that are spread out over a period, but then I also like to be able to review them over and over, and I also like the option of signing up any time in case I missed hearing about the class when it was first offered.

Tia said...

YES!!!! I am so stoked! I am SO happy you're offering this class again... I was looking for it in your online courses the other day and was totally bummed it wasn't offered. Graffiti of all kinds amazes me! I'm stoked, can you tell? Hehhe

Alisa said...

Hi Alisa,

Glad to have found your site.

From another Alisa

Angelique said...

Thanks for sharing those video's it kinda gives a taste. And It was delish. As soon as I am able I will take your class. Looks great and informative.I like the idea of taking it when I am ready and accessing it at my convenience.


starseasons said...

It would be great to be able to register for your online workshops anytime. Your anti scrapbookking class is a perfect example. I would like to take it but now is not a good time for me. I'd loved to be able to have it available anytime...Autumn

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

I like the idea of being able to reference the class (much like you would a handout) when I'm working on a new project or trying to recall a technique from the clas.

Karen Cole said...

Would love access, Alisa.....

Anonymous said...

I know that you posted this years ago, but I was wondering what you used to make your stencils out of? Just paper? Vellum? Mylar? Just looking for the best thing to make mine out of that will last the longest. Used paper and mylar at different times, but hoping you know of something that I haven't messed with before.

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