Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Classes- UPDATE

Normally I would not post 3 blog entries in one day but I am playing a little catch up over here so I apologize for all the information!

Monday, October 26th my Adventurous Accessories Online class starts and now that I have changed my online class rules- once you register you will have unlimited access to the class and the information. This means if you want to work along with me for the next five weeks register now- otherwise you are now able to register and access the class at any time and work at your own pace! Below is the information as well as the links to all of the past classes that are now available to register for! Reminder- if you have taken any of my past classes please let me know and I will give you free access!

Not to worry you can find all of this info on my website!

Adventurous Accessories
Starts October 26th!

I have a confession to make... I am an accessory junkie! For some reason I love purses, hats, scarves and all kinds of jewelry and can always find space for more. As usual my motto, when it comes to accessories, is why spend money when you can make your own?!

This class is something I have been planning for a while and it is just in time for holiday gifts! From hand painted scarves, altered hats to earrings, purses and jewelry- I will share all kinds of projects, techniques an inspiration to create your own handmade accessories. As usual, I will incorporate everyday supplies, recycled materials and lots of PAINT!
Get ready for an adventure!!



Learn the art of graffiti!! This class will introduce you to the concept of graffiti and tons of techniques- layering, messy color, how to make handmade stencils, handwriting, different kinds of spray painting techniques, non toxic substitutes for spray paint, using household materials and tools, paint pens, free writing, and all sorts of other techniques and materials to create your very own graffiti compositions on paper, fabric and canvas that can be used in scrapbooks, journals, collage sewing and all sorts of mixed media projects.


Recycling Remix

This class will completely change the way you think about everyday materials! It is jam packed with techniques, projects, ideas to incorporate a green approach and all kinds of ways to make art on a budget. For those who know me, will know that I am OBSESSED with finding new ways to redefine and use everyday materials- I strongly believe that learning to recycle and create on on a budget is a way to show respect in the art that we make.
This class will introduce you to all kinds of creative and nontraditional (and I mean nontraditional!) ways to use everyday materials, how to transform trash and things that normally get tossed (junk mail, cereal boxes, used envelopes, paper, old clothes and so much more), you will learn how to spend little to no money on supplies, inspiration in art history and lots more Everything that you learn can be applied to mixed media, fabric, paper, scrapbooking projects- regardless of the medium you work in you will be INSPIRED!

While I consider myself first and foremost a painter, I have found passion for pairing my painting and mixed media techniques with sewing! This workshop will bring it all together and you will learn how to create whimsical women made from painted canvas,
hand painted fabric, found objects and much more!

You will learn:
How to brainstorm, sketch and design your own women
How to paint simple faces
Create your own mixed media fabric
Learn simple and non traditional sewing techniques
How to incorporate alternative supplies and found objects
Simple and nontraditional sewing techniques
And all kinds of unique ways to construct your very own funky, wild, beautiful, mixed media whimsical women!



anna maria said...

Hi Alisa,

first of all I wanted to say that I just received my bracelets and LOVE them. Thanks for the speedy shipping too.

I also wanted to mention that if one clicks on a class link on the left side of your blog it goes to a page called something like Online Workshops, where there is a little introductory video about you. Below the video there is general info about the classes and the first thing it says is that classes are available for one month after the class ends. Thought you might want to change that since you have now changed your class policy.

Your painted skulls are beautiful.

Jessica Loughrey said...

yay!! i'm so excited! i missed whimsical women the first time around and have been waiting to take it. i'll be signing up for that soon! thanks, alisa.


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