Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates from the Studio

I have started the process of fully stocking my Etsy shop- You will now find some funky fiber accessories, holiday cards and the beginning of holiday ornaments. I will continue to add more goodies in the coming months in preparation for the holidays

I have also decided to sell some the art from my recent Somerset Workshop article so you also will find a handful of the graffiti canvas collage paintings my in my shop under original art.

After much thought and consideration I have decided to open up all of my past and present online classes for registration. I have been doing a lot of back and forth about how best to offer classes online (its kinda tricky) but after some great feedback from all of you, I will make all my online classes available for those who want to work without time a time frame- So if you missed something a while back that you wanted to take- they will all not be available. For those who do like working within a time frame I will still keep the classes on a five week structure were there is a class start and end date for weekly lessons that you can work along with me as the lessons are posted. I will have everything up, full details and ready for registration by the middle of the week.

I think most of you out there know that I was selected to be a Bernina Artisan and I have a LOVELY Aurora 440 loan machine to work on- I am so excited to start working on some really funky projects for Bernina's Sewing Republic site and if you haven't visited it- head over and take a look- it is a GREAT resource if you are looking for some fresh sewing projects and inspiration. Since I am a very non traditional sewer (ummm I pretty wild) and have little "technical" or "traditional" knowledge when it comes to sewing I am going to be getting a little extra instruction from my local Bernina dealer on all of the bells and whistles on my machine this next weekend. I can't wait to learn all that there is to know and get even more wild with my sewing!!

I am working on another SUPER fun tutorial for this week so please check back in the next couple of days!!

And now......I am taking the rest of the day off....well kinda :)

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