Thursday, October 15, 2009

Giveaway Winners!!

It is time to announces the 3 winners from the last post!!

Soggy Dog Studios

Please contact me with your addess at and I will get your skull bags in the mail to you!
I was in a bad mood today- not sure why- just one of those days- but when the mail came my mood turned around because I got the first batch of my holiday cards back from the printer and they look great! This weekend I will be starting to fill my shop with beginning of holiday goodies (I can't believe I am even thinking about this in Oct!)

And this also came in the mail!

I love the The Sartorialist and for years it has been my favorite site to visit each day. I knew that I HAD to order the book! If you like fashion, good photography and just all around great aesthetic you will love The Satorialist!! I spent a good part of the afternoon devouing each page!

And then as if my great mail wasn't good enough- my hubby brought home Chinese food for dinner- I am now happy to report that my funky mood is now fabulous- all is right tonight :)

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Anonymous said...

Your Christmas cards look fabulous! Thanks for turning my crappy day into a WONDERFUL one!


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