Friday, December 05, 2014

fashion friday- marbleized bangles

There are so many ways to turn a plain wooden bangle into something really unique- one of my favorite ways it marbleizing with spray paint. 

I like to start by painting the bracelets a solid color- this color will be the background for the marble effect.

I shared THIS marbleizing with spray paint technique a couple years ago and it works great on a variety of surfaces:

Start with a bucket of water.

Lightly spray the top of the water with spray paint- I've found that a light mist works best.

Let colors blend and swirl together.

Next, lightly skim the surface with the bracelet. The surface of the bracelet will pick up spray paint.

Repeat until the entire surface is filled.


Spray paint dries fast, even in water so you have to work quickly.

I have found that different brands and colors work a little different so you might need to do a few tests before diving in. I like working with Rust-Oleum spray paint and metallic colors are the most forgiving.


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