Monday, December 01, 2014

holiday wrapping from the hardware store

This time of year I find myself more inspired to decorate, to make handmade gifts and get creative with wrapping. In the weeks ahead I am excited to share all kinds of really simple ideas to inspire you to get creative this holiday season. Today I am sharing one of my favorite little holiday for wrapping supplies at the hardware store! While a lot of people flock to trendy stores to buy fancy paper and wrapping supplies, I head to my local hardware store. It might come as a surprise but the hardware store or home improvement stores are some of my favorite places to shop for simple (and affordable) supplies for all kinds of projects. Here are a handful of my favorites supplies that I use in my holiday wrapping year after year.


A staple supply in my studio year round is rolls of painter's paper. Most hardware stores have all kinds of rolls of paper to cover the floor when painting walls. This paper is wonderful for a variety of projects because a.) it's REALLY CHEAP b.) the surface can withstand all kinds of supplies and even layers of paint. 

wrap from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

During the holiday season I create handmade wrapping paper by rolling out yardage of painter's paper and going to town with my favorite techniques and supplies- painting, doodling, drawing and stamping are all easy ways to create unique paper for wrapping.


I always go a little crazy for all of the different colors and sizes of rope at the hardware store and can't help but grab a few different sizes that I use instead of fancy ribbon when I am wrapping gifts. 


Masking tape is really cheap and VERY easy to alter- my favorite way is to stamp with permanent ink and then use it in my wrapping.


Drywall mud pans are long narrow pans made from plastic or metal that are used to mix and scrape out drywall mud but they also make great wrapping for gift packages! Keep it simple or personalize with a permanent paint pen. 


I love anything black and white, bold and graphic and mailbox letters are PERFECT for personalizing gifts. Since they are stickers it is simple as sticking them to the outside of a package, tags or cards!


Any time I am at the hardware store I always grab a handful of paint chips- they are great to use in all kinds of paper crafting projects and during the holidays they make easy and colorful tags for presents!


Pipe clamps (found in the plumbing section) are a really cheap alternative to a wreath form. At about $1-$2.00 for small sizes they are perfect for creating tiny wreaths that can be turned into an ornament or even a present topper.


Clothespins can be used to clip onto branches or as a present topper. Glue just about anything to them (paper, pom poms,  flowers, bows, tags, beads) and you have a simple decoration.

Key tags are just about the easiest way to create a simple tag for a gift. 

While you are in the key section, grab some blank keys, paint with colorful nail polish and add to the top of a gift!

Forget about wrapping gifts in paper and try wrapping a gift in a painting! Canvas drop clothes, found in the painting section of home improvement stores are super cheap and a fun surface to paint, cut up and wrap with.

Flower pots make great containers for gift packages.

I hope I've inspired you a little to stop by your local hardware store and see what you can find!


OnePerfectDay said...

These are all great ideas!
Wonderful post!

Dorothy said...

Great stuff! Pipe clamps also make great napkin rings!

Erin Fish said...

Love all your wonderful ideas!

papelhilo said...

great ideas !


How fun! cute ideas :)

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

This is great! I have rolls and rolls of packing paper (newsprint) from moving. I now know what I'm going to do with it!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

The tape idea looks cool!

Kelly said...

Alisa, what did you roll the tape out on to stamp? (and still retain it's stickiness when finished?) I love that idea--well, all of them really. Thank-you for your inspiration!

Alisa Burke said...

its just a rolling pin that I have attached sticky back craft foam. I have a tutorial from a couple of years ago that goes into detail-

Alisa Burke said...

GREAT idea!

Elisabetta Brustio said...

Fantastico! Adoro la tua carta da regalo dipinta a mano!!! Io quest'anno userĂ² quella con gli scarabocchi del mio bimbo!!!! E' troppo bello vederti creare, guarderei i video milioni di volte!!!

Fantastic! I love your gift card handpainted !!! This year I'll use the one with the scribbles of my baby !!!! It 's too good to see you create, cheesey videos million times !!!

Audrey said...

Clothespins! I love this idea to hold on gift tags! I usually wrap with brown craft paper and then pick fun ribbon or hand-letter a name on it in white paint pen, but I LOVE the idea of making your own wrapping paper using craft paper and then painting on a pattern! I will try this tonight.

Thank you always for inspiring me to step outside of my creative comfort zone. I hope your holidays are magical!

Jo Murray said...

All wonderful ideas! I often wrap in brown paper, or newspaper, and then spray randomly with gold paint.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful ideas! Thanks Alisa

codydollartist said...

LOVE these idea!! I totally feel ya on loving the hardware store. It's an awesome place to be. I love that you made your own wrapping paper. I'd love to try but I don't think it would happen in my carpeted rented room. Another day maybe.


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