Tuesday, April 11, 2017

marbled plastic easter eggs

I have a confession to make, plastic Easter eggs are not my favorite thing! While they are great for filling with goodies, they are really challenging to decorate. But this year, after lots of experimentation, I discovered a really pretty way to transform those plastic eggs!

I started with a variety of plastic eggs in all kinds of bright colors. 
Remember back in February when I shared how much I love the product Easy Marble? Well the great thing about Easy Marble is that it works on all kinds of surfaces, including plastic.

You can use Easy Marble just like any marbling process- pour the paint into water and it will float on top of the surface.

You can use a toothpick to move the paint around and even more marbling.

Then dip the plastic egg into the water and it will pick up the marbling! The cool part of this process is that the color of the egg will show through the marbling.

The result is really beautiful plastic eggs!

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Monkey Mind said...

How are you using the Easy Marble? I can't get it to mix, all it does is clump on the stir stick and make a gloppy mess. What are you doing to make it turn out so beautifully marbled?


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