Wednesday, April 01, 2015

wood burned eggs

I love decorating eggs and I love wood burning so I finally got around to making a little batch of wood burned eggs. I love the idea of decorated eggs as a creative gift for Easter gatherings. And while these eggs were time consuming- they are so pretty!


Wooden Eggs- You can find these at most craft stores.

Wood Burning Tool- I always use a Wood Hollow Creative Woodburner Pen. I have been using this tool for years now and I love it. While there are more expensive brands and tools out there, the Creative Woodburner is a really good quality all purpose burner that comes with 4 tips. You simple plug it in, let it heat up and start burning!

Watercolor Paint- While you can leave the wood natural, I like to add a little bit of color with watercolors. When applied to wood they create a really pretty stain that works well with the dark burned lines.

Burn your favorite designs into the surface! While I tend to work off the top of my head- you can also spend time drawing out your design in pencil and then burning over the top.

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