Wednesday, March 05, 2014

altered picture frames

Picture frames are one of my favorite things to transform. They are affordable, available everywhere and really easy to alter! Here are a few of my favorite SIMPLE ways to turn a plain frame into something unique!

You've gotta know by now that I am obsessed with wood burning and using that wood burning tool on a wood frame is a really easy way to make it beautiful!

TIP: Keep in mind that different wood will look and feel different when burning. The softer the wood, the easier it will be to burn.

Paint it THE EASIEST way to transform just about anything! I used a layer of bright green acrylic paint and then using 3-D paint, went over the top with pattern.

TIP: Use your favorite mixed media and/or painting techniques (blend, drip, splatter, stamp, stencil, etc) to transform a frame.

Wrapping a frame with fiber is a quick and easy way to update an old frame! I used a combination of colorful yarn and fabric.

TIP: Use scraps of fabric, an old shirt, canvas, ribbon, string or upcycled materials for wrapping.


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