Friday, December 10, 2010

jeweled gloves tutorial

I am noticing a trend this winter- jeweled gloves.

From JCrew to Valentino to Anthrolopologie everyone seems to be making gloves full of "bling". I love the trend but lets be honest, am I really going to spend well over $100 (at least) for gloves?!?! Yeah right! In my opinion this may be the easiest trend to replicate at home on a budget.

I started with a pair of chenille gloves for $4.99 but your could use just about anything- wool, leather, etc.

And acrylic jewels that have holes in them for sewing- but again lots of things could work- beads, sequins, crystals, etc.


I then hand sewed the jewels to the surface. This takes time and patience and the more patience you have the more you can embellish.


If you don't have patience there are a number of adhesive products that will also work and speed things up.

will all work for embellishing the surface.

The result is a really pretty set of fancy gloves.

I couldn't resist making another pair with all kinds of colorful beads for a different look.

And there you have it- a pair of fashion forward gloves- perfect for a holiday party, night out on the town or even a handmade gift. So much better than spending $100!


Gracie's Cottage said...

Very fun...and economical too - great idea!


Marty Mason said...

You are good!! Thanks.

Nelly said...

Super fun and sparkly! Love 'em.

twobutterflies said...

I love this idea - love the bright, colorful ones you made also.

Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

Love them!

Melanie Jade said...

So cute! I love the bright turquoise ones especially!

Belle said...

Fantastic! I love your ideas.

Emerson Bindery said...

Very nice, your gloves are fabulous! That reminds me...I have some vintage gloves with bling tucked away somewhere...I'll have to dig them out so I can be hip this winter while I'm trying not to freeze!!

Anonymous said...

You're a marvel. Really loved the cranberry blog yesterday. Such great imagination.
Smiles, Andra

Heather Foust said...

oooh I like a little bling on my gloves. On anything as a matter of fact.

Createology said...

Bling Brilliant. How very clever and smart of you. Happy embellishing...

Rika said...

Wonderful Idea!

Aubree said...

I love this idea! I am totally trying it!

The Tote Trove said...

Absolutely lovely!


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