Monday, December 06, 2010

updates from the studio

It's that time again, time for another update before the holiday madness begins and before I forget everything I need to share- I seem to be exceptionally forgetful lately!

But first you may be asking yourself, why is Alisa dressed like she is ready to head out into the snow- doesn't she live in California?! Lets, just say this Oregon girl who used to be tough and not mind the cold now thinks this cold spell that we are experiencing in Southern California (40-50 degrees) is FREEZING and our home and my studio seem to be colder than it is outside. I have been bundled up in hats, scarves, sweaters and boots everyday trying to stay warm while working. So I am dressed like a snow bunny because I am officially a wimp!

photo (4)
This weekend I donated my time and taught at Seaside Soiree a mixed media event that my dear friend Elena Lai Etcheverry put on to raise money for charity. I was in GOOD company at the event- Liz Hicks, Suzi Blu, Melody Ross, Michelle Cummings and thirty energetic, creative and wonderful women!


This is the manuscript for my book that I have been reading through- a long and tedious process but oh so exciting. I cannot tell you how proud and excited I am about this book. From the cover (hopefully I will be able to share soon) to the photography, to the content I AM OVER THE MOON with how it is all coming together. The Interweave team that I have been working with has been AMAZING and I cannot wait for the release in fall 2011!

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I have been working on my teaching schedule for 2011 and I am excited to share that I will be teaching in the Colorado Rockies at Art Camp for Women. Lately I've been seeking more unique, more intimate venues and teaching opportunities and Art Camp for Women in exactly that! Teaching class in the mountains, going for hikes and walks, a private chef, time to hang out and relax together- I couldn't be more excited to teach!

I am thrilled to have one of my fiber jewelry projects featured in the latest issue of Sew Somerset!

40 copy
Later today I will be adding a some more new goodies to my Etsy shop which will include a variety of digital gift certificates that can be used for shop goodies or even online classes. I will have these available right up until Christmas for all those last minute shoppers :)

For a while I have been struggling with the decision to accept advertising on my blog- my biggest issue is that I personally don't enjoy visiting sites that bombard you with ads. After going back and forth with this topic and receiving lots of requests, I have decided that I will be selling ad space but doing it my own way. This online space has grown beyond my wildest dreams and evolved from a hobby into a business. My daily postings, projects and inspiration bring thousands of readers from all over the world and I think it is time to offer an affordable place to advertise. Advertising on my blog will be "passive" so readers won't feel bombarded and my rates reflect this decision. For those who are interested in stats and rates, please email me for more information at

I am working on my next online class and because I have received so many requests, the class will be a drawing and sketching class. Look for more information at the start of the new year!

And last, with the beginning of a new year I will be updating, changing and streamlining my creative business. So look for website updates, new creations, art prints, tutorials, classes, events and more. It's out with the old and in with the new!

In the meantime check in everyday for the next few weeks for all kinds of holiday inspiration, recipes, gift guides and more!

Ok- time for a second cup of coffee.


bonnie said...

Can't wait to buy the book....rough idea on when it will be released? Spring/Fall?

Vee said...

I'm a wimp too! I'm in San Diego as well and have been bundled up a lot lately.

2011 looks like an exciting year. I can't wait to hear more about the drawing and sketching class and your book!

Oh and thank you for choosing to keep the ads passive, I've actually stopped reading some of my favorite blogs because many blog posts became about the sponsors instead the bloggers that lured me in.

Joan Princing Art said...

Everything you have planned sounds excellent. I hope that when you are scheduling your 2011 Teaching schedule, that you will include the Seattle, Washington area! **Keeping fingers crossed**.
Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

longredthread said...

Well, your studio seems to be as colourful as your blog :)

marla grace said...

i just love your blog. i always leave refreshed and inspired. thanks :)

Prairie Jill said...

Brr!!(But it's about 14F here right now, so I'd still rather be where you are!)

I'm excited about the idea of a drawing/sketching online class - I'd love to take that!

Can't wait to hear more about your book, too!

Keep warm!

laurie said...

wow - all i can say is that i just can't wait for the fun you have in store for us!!!

Jane LaFazio said...

holy cow girl friend! you ARE A whirling dervish....I personally can't imagine your blog getting any better than it already you know, you are my blog idol.

Penney said...

So excited that you are publishing another book! Yay for you! Looking forward to your drawing class.


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