Saturday, December 25, 2010

fun with wrapping paper

I have no idea what everyone out there does with all that wrapping paper after presents have been opened but in my family we put it to good use. We are all silly, a little strange and always looking for a laugh!














Shelley in SC said...

Hilarious!! Fun family times : )!

martinealison said...

Finalement, les adultes sont restés de grands enfants! Ne dit-on pas que les enfants jouent davantage avec l'emballage que le jouet dans lequel il était enveloppé ?
La preuve est sus nos yeux!!! (sourire...)
A l'aube de cette nouvelle année je vous souhaite tous mes voeux de bonheur, de joie et de crativité.

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Is this before the egg nog, or after?!! These are the best family times...

Nelly said...

This is so funny ;)

Bee said...

Being silly makes great family memories. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to play!

The Little Bird said...

Hello Alisa,
I've just discovered your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :D it has inspired me to start drawing again and I've found a little visual diary and made a new years resolution i guess to use one page drawing a day.. I've also bought some water colour paints and started playing around with them.. think i need a bit more practice though!! So far I've got through 3 fun sketching days :)
Your style of art is very different to mine, I think I'm somewhere between you and your husband.. probably a little closer to you, but i like bits of my drawings/art to be fine and neat, i don't like it to be bold and messy everywhere :) having said that, that doesn't mean you haven't inspired me to try so many things.. and given me more ideas than i will be able to attempt this holidays.. I've been reading back through your blog, -i only found it 3 days ago so I haven't got too far, but i LOVE it.. i love your recycled city photographed on the beach :D its beautiful, crazy and wonderful :DDD.
Tonight i made your cold indonesian salad and omg it was tasty.. and so easy and quick to make! i changed a few things but basically it was the same only we ate it hot because we couldn't wait, but i made heaps so the left overs will be lunch tomorrow.. or breakfast :) and then it will be cold.
so now that I've written you an essay.. i'm going to go away and read more of your wonderful blog, but i just wanted to say thankyou so much for sharing all this and helping me get back into painting and drawing :D i think i need to learn how to do that stitching on my machine that you do a lot, is it called free motion? it looks like you've got a special foot.. need to find out about that.. looks very cool, i can see much potential there!
also, love how you use your wrapping paper!!! very fun :D


Lynda said...

Lol, awesome. I like your family :)

Eveline said...

Such fun ideas. I try to not rip any of the wrapping paper and turn them into paper beads.


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