Monday, December 06, 2010

a drawing gift guide


Looking for simple gifts for someone who draws or is looking to incorporate drawing into their creative routine? Consider assembling a gift basket full of drawing supplies, give them a class or invest in a few great products that will inspire them. I have put together a handful of ideas get you thinking about giving drawing supplies for gifts.

Sketchbooks are a great gift. Gather a few different types, bundle together and give as gift. You can find a great variety here
This will always be my favorite gift to receive!

or give a handmade sketchbook like this one from Raspberrie Press

handmade sketchbook from To Boldly Fold
or this handmade leather sketchbook from To Boldly Fold

a set of micron drawing pens to go with the sketchbook from Sakura

a set of drawing pencils- Staedtler is my favorite brand

a complete drawing set from prismacolor for the beginner

a unique pencil sharpener from blick

or a fun robot pencil sharpener from boys to men

you can't go wrong with kneaded erasures- they would make a great stocking stuffer

or a unique novelty eraser from here

pencil case
How about a handmade pencil case like this hand stitched leather one from Chii Designs
to keep all those pens and pencils.

pencil case
or this pretty pencil case from pilo

pencil case from pilli pilli
or this one from pilli pilli- how cute is this?!?!

of course I have to recommend the Koi Watercolor Field Sketch Set from Sakura as you know it is one of my favorite products out there


jane class
My friend Jane LaFazio teaches sketchbook and watercolor online and live classes here and here and they would make a great gift for those wanting to learn

Carla Sonheim's new online class

or this fabulous online class from Carla Sonheim.


Carla also has a great drawing book that can be purchased here or here

(What a great pair the class and the book would make!)


Dawn Sokol's Doodle Diary would also make a fabulous gift!

Dawn also has a great doodling resources on her site

These are just a few of the THOUSANDS of drawing and sketching products out there! Think outside the box, look for unique and simple supplies and give the gift of drawing this holiday :)


Tracie said...

OMG I'm in heaven!!

Kittyj said...

WOW Alisa! This blog post is like a class in itself!!! Thank you!

martinealison said...

C'est comme se retrouver dans une pâtisserie lorsqu'on est gourmand...
Petite fille déjà, je gourmandais dans non pas une pâtisserie mais dans des magasins de beaux arts...
Aujourd'hui, vous me faites saliver!!!

EDONAdesigns said...

Thank you! I broke down today and ordered a set of the Koi Watercolors as an Xmas gift to myself. I'm thrilled. I love your blog!!

devyn larson said...

For those readers in Portland, OR . . Art Media has the larger Koi set on sale for $19.99! Love mine!
The waterbrushes are also fabulous for young kids who love to watercolor. No cups to tip over and they get the hang of how to use it in no time. (My 4 year old regularly swipes mine.) Santa is bringing a few for our stockings this year. ")

The Clever Feather said...

Alisa, I love it here at your blog! I am an art teacher in Missouri who rarely has time to do my own art...but your blog has inspired me to start back into watercolors. Also I have began cooking! I love the BBQ pizza & Peanut butter cookies! Thanks so much for the inspiration! What a creative spirit you have!

Lisa Chin said...

Great ideas!

Emily said...

Omg- I still get giddy when I see art supplies all together like that. Those were always my favorite birthday and Christmas presents:) My dad still gets me gift certificates to Dick Blick and Art Mart. And... um... there is a brand new Dick Blick going up RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me!!! This is trouble;)

I've traditionally painted in oils, but have taken up watercolor recently since getting ill- way easier to set up and clean up. I think I may just have to get me a Koi waterbrush now!

The Beloved Wife said...

I have been dying to read a post like this, and now I've added most of these things to my Christmas and birthday wish lists!!! Love the watercolor set and the classes. Thank you so much! You're blog has made my day many times over. :O)

Bonita Rose said...

great suggestions!

Rita Vindedzis said...

oh I love them all! What a great list.

Wendy said...

Ya know, I bought one of the Koi travel watercolor sets a couple of weeks ago (I'd been coveting it ever since I saw that video you first made with it). Maybe it's because I'm not that great with watercolor yet, but it's hard for me to control how much water is in the pen. It keeps getting oversaturated. Every time I use it, I end up pulling out regular paint brushes half-way through. Guess I should keep at it for awhile before I decide to give it away.

Thanks for all the great links, though!

Teleri said...

Since you first mentioned them I'm very interested in the Koi watercolor brushes.. Do you know where I can get them in Europe?
And hey, my boyfriend gets a sketchbook for christmas and his sister will give him some wax crayons to go with the book. He's in Norway at the moment and has no drawing material except an orange pencil. Poor boy..

Melissa Chao said...

Thanks so much for featuring my leather sketchbook! I have such a great time making them.

HeARTworks said...

This is a super wish list! The ultimate! Patsy from

Leslie said...

Thank you thank you for this post. My daughter (14) has asked for drawing/art supplies for Christmas and this gives me some direction.

Dawn D. Sokol said...

Thank you for including Doodle Diary! What an honor!

Melody said...

I love all of these. Now all I need is the talent, sigh.

Tabitha said...

The Koi Watercolor Brush has changed my life! I've always had trouble keeping a consistant color with a regular paint brush but my art has improved so much since reading about it in your blog. Thank you! I love your blog and its one of the first places online that I go to when I need inspiration.

Anna said...

how can a post like this bring tears to my eyes. I love so many things on your list. You have captured all I could ever want/need in one post. (except some full sheets of Kilimanjaro paper)


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