Friday, December 31, 2010

waking up to winter on new years eve




Sondra said...

love the images, thank you for all of the sharing that you do, wishing you and your family a very special year in 2011....sondra

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

your photography is simply beautiful!

Wendy said...

Beautiful. Where are you at in Colorado? It looks like the place where I go running sometimes (though usually when it's warmer).

Wendy said...

Actually, I take that back. It looks exactly like the green belt behind where I grew up (in Wheat Ridge).

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how beautiful it all looks. All the snow has disappeared now over here (se england). Love the photos.

Nelda said...

Beautiful photos. The last one of you two could not be any more perfect.

laurel said...

Stunning photos! We had a lovely little snow for Christmas Day. Highly unusual for my area. Just saw that you will be at Inspired this year. Really looking forward to getting to take your class.

Jennifer said...

spectacular images. thank you for sharing.

monta17 said...

I just happened across your website and blog for the first time. It couldn't have happened at a more perfect moment! I have been a graphic designer for about 28 years and now have to get into web design because of my job.

Lately I have realized that I no longer draw or do very many "hands on" projects, ... and that's where it all started. When I was young I always loved to sketch and make things. I studied art when I first attended collage, but had to drop out and get a job. Therefore ending up in the graphic art field.

Now I suddenly find it alarming when I realize that now all my creativity is on the computer.

Just last week I decided to get a sketchbook and start drawing again. I am a bit "rusty" but it feels great!

This is a long, wordy way of saying that I am so excited to find your site and the encouragement and inspiration that you provide.

I am hoping to take your sketching class. However, money is extremely tight for me right now. I'm wondering if it will be available at other times or if I would need to take it now or miss out.

Thank you so much for your timely inspiration!

40Daydreams3 said...

Weathering winter hello! Snow is everywhere here in Tennessee!!!

I am your newest biggest fan!!!

Thanks for all the tips and beautiful creativity.....your sketch book has inspired me to a new level with my own!

essays said...

cool photos


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