Sunday, March 01, 2009

Coming Down-Jumping In!

I am still coming down off of my jet lag and adrenaline high from my trip to Cleveland. The weekend was a little weird due to my body being run down and my time clock being a little off- but boy was is beautiful here in San Diego the vitamin D did me some good! I slowly began jumping back into my studio and work on some new projects. Made a whole bunch of new canvas and started making some more purses! This evening I am trying to savor my last hours of the weekend and getting myself ready to jump into a new week tomorrow!!

Just a reminder that you can still register for my 1st online class- Graffiti Chic- and if graffiti is not your cup of tea there will be more online workshops coming very soon!

1 comment:

liz elayne lamoreux said...

hope you are getting some good rest. (looking forward to seeing your episode of QA when it airs) east coast time is so hard for me too...takes me days to get used to it and then i am flying home...

love the new bag!!


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