Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Birthday

What happens when you turn 34, when time passes a little faster, when you feel a bit older, tired and little flabby????   YOU GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!

Another birthday has come and gone this weekend and while I really don't care too much about growing old, this HAS been one of those years when I did feel a little older (achy, tired and a little slower) and while I am fine with the process, (I even welcome it) a little childlike fun was much needed and FUN we had!!! Me, my husband and brother headed out bright and early for Disneyland and spent the day running around to our favorite rides having a light hearted day that ended with sleeping through the whole car ride home- just like when I was kid.


Valentina Harper said...

Happy B-day! Funny... when you said “turn 34” I had to stop a few seconds and try to remember how old I’m! Your looks great and great way to celebrate your day!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE disneyland and I don't think it matter how old one is, you have to just get in the spirit of the place! Glad you had a wonderful day!! xo


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