Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Polyvore Love

Five years ago, when I first started making purses (made from canvas paintings)- I had this vision of creating one-of-a-kind funky purses paired that could be paired with cool fashion.  My dreams have come true, thanks to Polyvore where you can mix and match your favorite fashion. I have loved Polyvore for while (hours spent creating dream outfits) but recently stumbled upon lots of Polyvore outfits paired with my graffiti clutch handbags! I picked a few of my favorites (look closely for my purses!)

Retro Street Chic.
Retro Street Chic. - by vanessavilla on Polyvore.com

my cup of coffee,my smoke/.
my cup of coffee,my smoke/. - by _liebeloula_ on Polyvore.com

unique - by pika911 on Polyvore.com
almost time
almost time - by KeeKi on Polyvore.com

Remembering Sunday.
Remembering Sunday. - by darry! TASTES LIKE VIOLENCE. on Polyvore.com


suragh said...

you've got really cool designs :)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm in trouble. I'd never heard of Polyvore before, and now I've spent two evenings creating a couple of sets of outfits.

I can justify it in the name of creativity... right?

As of tomorrow, however, I will be busy with your online class. Yay!


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