Thursday, March 26, 2009

Before + After = Joy

There is something that I LOVE about the concept of before and after- I have always liked makeover and remodeling shows and on an even deeper level there is something that I love about transformation.  My whole creative process revolves around transformation- starting with a piece of canvas and transforming it by adding layers of color and texture and then transforming it again into something new and often functional! I never get tired of this process- each and everyone one of my creations brings me ABSOLUTE joy when finished!


Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

I think so to Alisa(before+after=joy).The paper I was talking about awhile back is dry. I put it with another that I made back in February and now the item I'm making is almost done(16 1/4x11 1/4 in size(22 inches before folded))I plan on using it for organizing either projects in the beginning stages or just stuff I want to keep from getting messed up. I was at that stage where it "needed" something and I didn't want to wait over long for more drying...enter fingernail polish! Happy weekend and happy happies. Joyce.

Dawnie said...

All is rather exciting isnt it..the thrill of what could be!
and gotta add 'YUM' to this beauty.
Love ya style miss B
Dawnie T in Oz


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