Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates, Shout Outs and a Give Away!

After lots of planning and research, I have decided that I will now be offering a variety of online classes each month that you will see in the left hand column of my blog.   My goal is to offer a variety of class topics, lengths of class time and prices to accommodate schedules and budgets. The class section will get updated and I will be making announcements on my blog so please stay tuned.  In a crazy economy where many people are choosing to forego travel and spending lots of money, I am passionate about offering alternatives for those who still want to take art classes!  If you have any requests or suggestions for classes, please send them my way!

 I also wanted to share some fun links with examples of student work from the first week- I am beyond thrilled, excited and inspired by the positive response to my first online class and though we are only into the 2nd week, so far everyone seems to be going WILD and having fun- just what I like!

Karen wrote a lovely post about her first week creations!

 Check out Jeane's blog entry on her amazing backgrounds!

 Leslie has gone WILD and I am lovin' it!!!!!!

 I am crazy about Stephanie's studio and she has definitely gotten messy this week!!

******The lovely and amazing Kelly Rae is hosting a giveaway on her blog with one of my books and one of my clutches.  Go check it out here!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! so glad to find your blog and your work...totally in love....and walking on clouds....i will check your blog for the next online class.....

Anonymous said...

a classe ine France Alisa?? I'd love that...thanks for sharing your universe and your creativity...

Stephanie said...

I really love the idea of online classes, you're right that it's hard to find $$ to all the wonderful classes out there...am sooooo enjoying yours.

AND...thanks for shoutout!!

Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

Hi Alisa, thought I'd drop by and let ya know that even though I'm not taking your on-line class right now -i got out the July/August 2007 issue of CPS and am going through your article. It was real hard to just leave the first coat of paint to dry. I'm so use to continuing to the next step and then walking away to let it dry a bit. I will sometimes go to the hardware store and see what they have in mismixed acrylic(they let it go at a reduced price). For the bottom layer I used an exterior acrylic that is some where between Orche and Butterscotch mixed in places with a cream color with a light peach hue(this one put into a plastic hair color bottle) and for fun I poured on a little bit of imitation vanila flavor in places. The next color to go on was a manganese blue(using a big half flower foam stamp) and than I diluted a licorice black with water to go over that. brought back the cream color and than a bright orange. That pretty much ends steps two and three of your article. Happy happies. Joyce

Karen Cole said...


Thanks so much for the mention.

I have been having a great time with your class. What a challenge for a "traditional" painter! You may have started something that I can't stop. I have been cruising for more online classes :-)


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