Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bright Day!

There is nothing like a box FULL of handmade buttons to brighten my day!  Not sure if everyone out there knows- but my parents are ceramic artists (see this post for more info) and every few months they have been supplying me with buttons made from scrap clay that I use in many of my purses.  I have a HUGE button obsession and honestly they are not cheap so getting a bunch of homemade, one of a kind, lovely clay buttons makes for some excitement in my day!! 

In more bright news, I am THRILLED at how great my online class is going so far.  I have a class full of super talented people that are enthusiastic about making a mess!! Who knew there were so many out there eager to drip, splatter and swipe!  I will sharing some of their work in the weeks to come.   The class has been SO successful that I have decided to continue to offer more classes in the months to come and I am open to suggestions!

I am a blog sponsor on Emily Falconbridge's blog this month and she will be having some FUN giveaways (my book being one) so definitely go check it out.  And while you are there check out this precious video she posted- My hubby and I go back and forth about having a family....well this video makes brought tears to my eyes and made lean a little closer to having a little one!

I just saw a preview of my article in the summer edition of Where Women Create and I am so excited and cannot to wait to share my CRAZY studio with the world.

Saturday is my birthday and what better way to celebrate getting older than by going to Disneyland!! So my husband and brother and I are heading north for a little innocent fun!  I'm sure I will have lots of fun pictures to share!!


Anonymous said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am also a bit obsessed with buttons, and even made over 100 of them with clay when I was into clay work and belonged to a ceramic studio. Never sewed a single one onto anything. I just like to play with them every now and then...

Thanks for your great class, I'm having a ball make a mess.

Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

Happy Birthday Alisa, glad that you're having fun with your on-line class. Happy happies. Joyce

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! mine was friday. :) i'm super excited that you're thinking about doing more online classes, especially since i'm already taking your current class - a birthday gift to myself!
thank you.

pascale putz said...

Happy Birthday, Alisa
Hope you had a lot of fun on that special day


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